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Men’s Makeup Starter Kit
Makeup for Men 101
The Men’s Makeup Starter Kit IS Makeup for Men 101. It includes the two most iconic MËNAJI products that have been best-selling corrective cosmetics for years: Urban Camouflage®, an organic concealer that is virtually undetectable and the original HDPV Anti-Shine Powder.  The Men’s Makeup Starter Kit comes in a small, black bag made from water- and stain-resistant ballistic nylon ready to toss into a Dopp Kit or suitcase. Each bag is smartly finished with MËNAJI branded pull tags, and measures 9cm x 5cm x 9cm.

Urban Camouflage® – Spot coverage for breakouts, redness, scars, and dark circles under eyes.

HDPV Anti-Shine
– Natural, skin tone matching high def pressed powder reduces the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and discoloration.

Value:  $79.50
Your Price:  $62.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cary Pederson
Great Product!

The CAMO Concealer is a great product! Blends smoothly and is a great match for my skin tone. The HDPV Anti-Shine Powder also combines well to present a flawless look. Thank you for helping me to look my best!

Josephgaf Josephgaf

I just want to say thank you for this great website. I found a solution here on for my issue.

Hello Joseph, thank you for your positive feedback!

H Vera
H Vera

Excellent product. Very pleased with the results. Easy transaction and timely delivery.

Shiela Poloskey
Shiela Poloskey

I wanted to post you that bit of observation to say thanks again for those pleasing solutions you've documented on this site.


Helps to cover facial blemishes due to years of sun exposure.


Awesome deal and great makeup! The only thing I would suggest is getting a primer to put on before and using a makeup brush to put the powder on, it helps blend it better.

Our makeup for men collection takes the difficulty and embarrassment out of finding products to cover up blemishes and control shine. Non-makeup-y, virtually undetectable, natural-looking products for everyday use.
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