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Collection: Conceal

Collection: Starter Kits

Gregory Undetectable Makeup Kit
Men’s Gregory Undetectables Makeup Kit
Keep your MËNAJI undetectable skincare products perfectly concealed. All of the following products fit in this small, light weight, ballistic material-made ditty bag. Perfect for air travel, at the office, or in your gym bag.

High Definition Anti-Shine
Powder Camouflage
Deluxe Kabuki Brush

Kit Value:  $100

Customer Reviews

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The MËNAJI Gregory Undetectables Kit has everything you need!What It IsThis specialized travel kit contains three essential male makeup products to perfect any man’s complexion. It comes in a compact, easy-to-carry case with all the must-have items for your next trip. Having this on-the-go product can ease your mind about skincare while traveling.What’s In ItThe carrying case comes complete with the three top products you’ll want to keep with you 24/7, especially while traveling. This case includes the HDPV Anti-Shine Powder in your choice of shade, a Deluxe Kabuki Brush, and the CAMO Concealer in your choice of shade.Why You Need ItAll of these amazing products come in a lightweight carrying case, perfect for travel. Slide it into your carryon luggage, bring it to work, or sneak it in your gym bag. No matter where you’re headed, this makes looking good on-the-go, easy.
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