Free Fedex 2nd Day shipping available on $75+ US orders. Free USPS shipping on $25+ US orders
Free Fedex 2nd Day shipping available on $75+ US orders. Free USPS shipping on $25+ US orders
Get Your Clients Camera-Ready with MËNAJI 
We know what it takes to be a barbered and buffed gentleman – a simple, high-performance product assortment to help your clients stay groomed between visits. 
Drive sales with our uniquely formulated products.
Use “on-site” as problem-solving shave and skincare services.
Retail sell to clients for “in-between” visit use.
Bundled in easy to display, exclusive product assortments.
Whether you work at a barber shop, salon or have your own private clientele, MËNAJI offers barbers a simple way to build their own grooming business by providing best-selling products that will keep your clients coming back for more.
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MËNAJI Professional Partners get access to exclusive discounts to the #1 most trusted men’s makeup and skincare brand in the industry.

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Trusted by Makeup Artists, Models, and Actors for 20+ Years

“I use specific products for my male clients because their need is usually different. My go-to is MËNAJI’s CAMO Concealer. Love how light it is and blends perfectly in with the skin.”
Ruth Fernandez
Makeup ArtistUsing MËNAJI on Actor Collin Egglesfield
“[I used] Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator and 911 Eye Gel for the Wonderland shoot with Anthony Ramos… [MËNAJI is] one of my favorite brands to use for men’s grooming. The products are lightweight and do exactly what they promise to do. The colors are on point with a good pigment ratio.”
Faye Lauren
Sales Team Lead, Google
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