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April 02, '21
Catching the Wave of the Future: How to Look Professional and Polished Online

It’s been a year. Literally and figuratively. It has been a full year of relative self-isolation, and reinventing the ways we work, go to school, socialize, date, shop… Everything has been turned upside down and inside out, and while we may yet come out of this thing and run headlong into in-person social gatherings with wild-eyed abandon, some things may have shifted for good.

The collaborative online tools and technologies that have been bubbling up to the surface for the last decade took centerstage in 2020. Virtually overnight, working, schooling, dating, and socializing from home via Zoom, Skype, WebX, Google Hangouts, or simply FaceTime became the new normal.

Video conferencing, telecommuting, remote work and school­—these things were all just waiting in the wings for something like 2020 to come along, and now that it has, and now that we’ve been getting pretty comfortable with the flexibility it offers, and pretty cozy in front of the webcam, it looks like we might not be jumping out of our office chairs or off of our couches anytime soon.

HD 2021 – Cleaning Up for a Remote Reality

Remote work is not remotely impersonal. In fact, when your friends, colleagues, or first-time virtual dates meet you online, your face in ultra-sharp, 4K or better high-definition display is the only thing they’re really focused on. Clearly, your appearance still matters! Maybe it even matters more…?

So, how are you gonna clean up for your new daily online, on-screen reality?

Step One: Shave. Whether you’re taking it all off, or grooming to perfection, MËNAJI’s ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula is your go-to step one. ClearShave requires no water, and with extracts of ginger, eucalyptus, salvia, echinacea, cucumber, aloe, and more, ClearShave gel conditions, preps, purifies, and refreshes your skin while you get that close, comfortable shave.

Step Two: FIX It! What’s the point of shaping that ‘stache and sculpting that beard if you’re just gonna let those hairs choose their own adventure!? MËNAJI’s The FIX is a specially formulated, super simple and easy to apply gel designed to tame the wildest mane. Just comb in the quick-drying, invisible, undetectable lightweight gel to protect and hold your eyebrows, mustache, and beard in place all day long. FIX it and forget it!

Step Three: Conceal. They say, “The camera never lies.” Now just imagine what they would say about today’s cameras! Beyond just the camera, that imperfect indoor lighting and dry, motionless air aren’t helping your skin any. By simply applying a small amount of MËNAJI’s Camo Concealer to any known blemish, bump, cut, scar, or other problem area and lightly blending with your fingertip, the problem area is concealed, lasts all day, and is virtually undetectable – even online!

Available in six distinct skin tones, choose one just a shade lighter than your skin to conceal most skin issues. To cover those dark circles from a night of too much Netflix, go with medium shade with a touch of pink, or bronze for men with darker skin.

Step Four: Shine­—But from the inside not the outside! Even the pros are constantly shuffling lights, lenses, and shades to stave off shine and light a subject to perfection. It’s pretty likely your home office is not quite so well-apportioned, but you do have MËNAJI’s Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator and High Definition Anti-Shine Face Powder, so you really don’t have any excuses. Knock out unwanted shine on your nose, chin, and forehead without the need for fancy equipment.

Step Five: Hydrate! Your skin, lips, and body all need ample hydration to look and feel healthy, vibrant, and revitalized. Drink lots of water! That’s just a given. Beyond that, try MËNAJI’s Lip Agent to moisturize those dry, cracked lips, and Power Hydrator to infuse your skin with soothing botanicals and anti-oxidants.

Details Matter

MËNAJI advanced men’s skincare and cosmetics are specifically formulated for men’s skin online, outside, and on-the-go. Where the details matter, MËNAJI is way ahead of the curve. All of our products are designed to be simple, quick, and easy to use, with the highest quality ingredients, and a commitment to real, lasting results.

We all may be working from home for a good while yet, if not the long haul, and you may even be dating and socializing online in ways we never thought we would. MËNAJI is here to help you look and feel your best online and out in the world. Reach out anytime to find out how we can help!

Details Matter – MËNAJI

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