Do Men Need Gender Specific Skin Care and Makeup Products?

In case you didn’t know it, you could head out right now and purchase a beer, an energy drink, and a ballpoint pen specifically designed for women; as well as tissues, yogurt, and fabric softener sheets uniquely designed for men. Who knew you were blowing your nose in the wrong tissue all these years…?! Well, now you know. There is a palpable, sometimes painful ebb and flow to the way consumer product design and marketing keeps pace with social trends. While social media naturally flows in relative lock step with the near breakneck speed of social/political evolution, traditional marketing tends to lag, stumble, and occasionally fall so far behind as to miss the shift entirely.

Gender Isn’t Skin Deep

The acceptance that gender is a spectrum, non-binary, even a social construct in and of itself, is powering a pivotal undercurrent of social evolution today that many brands can’t quite get a grasp on. Marketers have long peddled their wares specifically to one gender or another, in recognition, at least at the time, of who was traditionally doing the buying: laundry soap for women, cars for men. That particular anachronistic dichotomy may be a thing of the past (hopefully), but many marketers can’t seem to break the habit of targeting a specific gender with their products, often pointlessly. Did I mention the gender-specific pens!? So, here’s the rub: Do men need skincare and makeup products designed specifically for their gender? The truth is, MËNAJI doesn’t design products specifically for men, per se, we design products specifically for men’s skin.

The Skinny on Skin

The reality is that men’s skin is markedly different from female skin in many important ways. Recognizing that there is a very real gender spectrum, and an obvious and alluring skin-tone spectrum, there is also a skin biology spectrum. For those that fall on the more male side of that spectrum, men’s skincare and men’s makeup products, unlike dryer sheets and pens, are not only appropriate, they’re essential. Skin is definitely not all created equal, but generally speaking, male skin is about 20-25% thicker than female skin, with larger pores and more collagen, elastin, and active sebaceous glands – the glands that produce oil in skin. Men’s hormones, collectively known as androgens, contribute to men’s oilier skin, while specific hormones like testosterone work to drive hair growth; consequently men tend to grow more hair on their body, especially their faces, than women. Beyond the simple biological differences, men’s coarser more vigorous hair growth means men tend to shave more regularly, irritating the outer layers of their skin, and exposing it to increased risk of UV damage.

Advanced Men’s Skincare

MËNAJI is the first men’s product line to focus on combining natural, cruelty-free, often vegan ingredients to make corrective cosmetics and skincare products exclusively for men’s skin. In a pinch, sure, any man can use a woman’s cosmetic or skincare product, though most men might shy away from the more scented varieties out there, preferring something fragrance-free. While a woman’s moisturizer will certainly hydrate a man’s skin, it isn’t designed to penetrate and protect a man’s skin the way a product specifically designed for men might do. Man or woman, your skin is your first line of defense against the elements out there, and it can use all the support and reinforcement it can get to look, feel, and perform at its best. A man’s skin has its own unique needs, and let’s be honest, so do most men. Your skincare, makeup, and cosmetic requirements are anything but arbitrary, they’re rational, well-reasoned, discriminating, and firm, just like you. MËNAJI understands that, we have your back.  


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