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February 29, '20
Blend In – Stand Out! MËNAJI Anti-Shine Face Powder

Your shine should come from the inside, not the outside. Nature has forged men’s skin to be about 20-25% thicker than a woman’s skin, with larger pores, more collagen, elastin, and active sebaceous glands – the glands that produce oil in skin.

So, you’re just supposed to deal with it, right? Not a chance.

A man’s grooming regimen is action orientated, and results focused. Practical men do not take their skin sitting down. Healthy skin starts with deep cleaning, exfoliating, and power hydrating. Hands down, that’s how you set yourself up for success. A consistent, intentional skincare regimen is your number one priority. Still, the occasional blemish, dark circles under the eyes, and oily skin are inevitable at some point.

Spot treatments with a rejuvenating eye gel, and skin-tone specific concealer address those particular problem areas. That shine, however, still comes through in bright sunlight, incandescent lights, and camera flashes.

Pressed Powders Knock Out Shine. Period.

Here’s the deal – a man’s oilier skin will shine, and you don’t want it to. MËNAJI’s High Definition Anti-Shine Face Powder (HDPV) is the professional’s premier anti-shine pressed powder. You’ve actually seen it in action without even knowing. That’s the whole point!

MËNAJI’s HDPV is lightweight and undetectable, even under bright lights and camera flashes. All your sportscasters on ESPN and FOX-SPORTS, Late Night talk show hosts, celebrity guests, movie stars, and athletes, all of them are putting their best face forward and in front of the camera with a men’s cosmetic pressed powder to knock out shine. You’ve never even noticed, but it’s out there every day.

Men’s Anti-Shine Powder Point-by-Point

Let’s cut right to the chase. You already know you want to try it, you know it’s out there and yet you’re still a little hesitant. Here’s what you need to know.


  • Lightweight and undetectable.
  • Easy-to-use and inconspicuous. (Most men we know simply refer to the powder compact as the ‘hockey puck’!)
  • Knocks out oily skin, covers imperfections, and blends in spot treatments.
  • Available in six, all-natural skin-tone shades, ranging from light to dark.
  • Lessens the appearance of large pores and fine lines. (No, it will not settle into lines and creases. This is not your grandfather’s corn starch or baby powder!)
  • Formulated with vitamins C and E to smooth rough skin for a flawless look.
  • Intended for use on both your face and your bald head. (The days of the shiny cue-ball look are over!)

Men’s cosmetic pressed powders knock out shine like nobody’s business, even out skin-tone, and leave you with a solid, confident, clean look you can count on. What more is there to say, really?


Most of us don’t have professional makeup artists and stylists at home focused entirely on making us look good. MËNAJI’s advanced men’s cosmetics and grooming regimen are intentionally designed to be simple, relatively effortless, and completely effective.

The HDPV is no exception.

  • Gently pat the powder over your entire face using the flat pad applicator or KABUKI small powder brush.
  • Pat the round sponge or sweep the brush across your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and out over your cheek and jawline, towards your hairline.
  • This is the last product you apply before walking out the door.

Check out our slick how-to videos and see for yourself how easy it is to apply, get an even, undetectable cover, and reveal only that irrepressible inner shine! Knock Out Shine with MËNAJI.

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