Should Men be as Vigilant in their Grooming Regimens as Women?

You are a man of action. Don’t think we haven’t noticed. Gallant, independent, confident, sophisticated. Your best self demands respect, catches sidelong glances from strangers and leaves them… intrigued, if not a little impressed.

To say you don’t check the lines of your jacket, the cut and cuff of your jeans, or pull your sleeves up to just below the elbows for that casual, yet calculated look of measured confidence, would not be entirely true. We all do it.

You are thoughtful, vigilant, and intentional about your appearance; and as well you should be. Now it’s time to step up your personal grooming game to match your refined attire. Women have been doing it and turning heads for millennia; what, you don’t think you can make the same impression?


Personal Grooming – Keep it Simple

All the parts need attention, from the chrome fenders to the leather interior. Consider setting yourself a few consistent, simple personal grooming routines to keep the wear in check, and the rust at bay.

Brush Your Teeth: Floss at least once, and brush at least twice every day; morning and night. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Your smile is leading the charge so let it shine.

Shower Daily: Face and body scrubs with ingredients that help deep clean, exfoliate, treat damaged skin, and moisturize can be used right in the shower so you can skip an extra step, or double down on healthy skin.

Shave & Rehydrate: Whether your beard is carefully coiffed, or your shaving to the sharp jaw lines that distinguish you from the crowd, your face needs your attention every day. You don’t need to break the bank to get an excellent razor, but you’re manscaping routine will benefit from the difference of one built for durability and efficiency.

A shaving gel that works with your razor, and an aftershave that soothes and moisturizers with natural botanicals and anti-oxidants will protect your clean shave, highlight your healthy skin, and compliment your brave and distinguished whiskers.

Moisturize & Protect: Your skin gets worked out there. Dry, unnatural air indoors, sun and the perilous elements outside. With all that to deal with every day, your lips and skin need a little extra loving to stay healthy.

Consider an all-in-one tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 that complements your natural skin tone, evens out your complexion, locks in hydration, and protects against the sun. Apply it every day, post shower, in no time at all – easy-peasy.

Trim. Coif. Cut. Shape: Trim your nails, fingers and toes, at least weekly. Shape and trim whatever facial hair you’re sporting as often as necessary to keep it tight. Set a standing appointment with your stylist or barber at least once a month, probably every three weeks to be safe, and while you may not want to shampoo every single day, maintaining those natural oils that give your hair texture and shine, spend the time to comb and set your style just right so it does the rest of your face and features the justice they deserve.


Okay, But Is All This Grooming Necessary?

Quit your whining! Of course it’s necessary, what are you an amateur? Seriously fellas, men’s grooming is not at all as hard as it seems, and it goes a long way towards not just turning heads, but keeping that healthy, vigorous, well-managed look you can be proud of, and that people will notice.

No one is suggesting you set yourself up in front a vanity mirror for 45 minutes every morning, but with the right tools in hand, and just a few minutes in front of a particularly reflective shard of broken glass, you can cut a razor sharp impression that demands respect and admiration.



One thought on “Should Men be as Vigilant in their Grooming Regimens as Women?

  1. MaleSensePro says:

    A Perfect guide for any messy guy! how are you look at the most important and the first thing anyone would notice whether you’re in the party or an interview… so follow the guide and you would be fine! Thanks for guide though 🙂

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