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June 23, 2023

Makeup on men has been a touchy subject for centuries. Yet in the past, noblemen and other aristocrats not only wore makeup; they layered on brightly colored blush and heavy powder. That's not even mentioning their shoes, which were stacked as high as their hair - both with ribbons and bows. We're talking straight, burly men with swords, mind you. So what's the deal?

In the last decade, makeup has come a long way in design, intention, and engineering. This means the industry can reach a wide variety of male consumers that use makeup - however they choose to apply it. For a late-night drag performance, a celebrity-filled red carpet, a nightclub rendezvous, or the set of broadcast news? Sure. Others only present their full-on "Sasha Fierce" or "Studly Steven" faces for social media, without ever leaving the house.

But for most, makeup is to make perfect what is not: ruddy complexions, scars, dark under-eye circles, or the ever-maddening pimple. On top of that, who can resist a lash enhancer, guyliner, or beefy brow? Or a matte cherry stain on the lips and cheeks?

Factoring in the never-ending Zoom video meetings, FaceTime, and the increasing global fluidity of marketing ads, the boring conversation of people questioning men's makeup has turned into, "He should have worn a gray-based eyeliner, that brown is too orange-y!" Finally, we've become comfortable with daily wear makeup. I always say flawless skin is the best makeup- and goal. But, just in case, we must have an artillery on hand. Generally, blur, spot, conceal, and go is my norm.

I've consulted with major brands to make great men's makeup options available for perfecting our new normal. All of these companies say they support the LGBTQ+ community, with many providing major donations, therapy, protections, and housing to the underserved.

You'll find Mënaji in many a newsroom or television studio. It's simplified, geared for HD, works well, and stays put. Save with the Men's Camera Ready Kit: Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator, Urban Camouflage (conceal stick), Power Hydrator Plus Light (the first anti-oxidant SPF 30 tinted moisturizer for men), and HDPV Anti-Shine Face Powder ($119). Add the Deluxe Kabuki Brush ($12) and The Fix clear brow gel ($22) and...action!

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