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December 26, 2022
The Holiday Hangover Cure: MËNAJI’S must have kit for the morning after

For Immediate Release: Southport, CT – December 26, 2022 Men’s cosmetic and skincare pioneer MËNAJI proudly presents a mod new must have for every man who knows all too well what a really rough morning-after looks and feels like – gaunt face, puffy eyes, chapped and dehydrated lips. NOT a pretty picture…

Driven by sheer necessity above anything else, MËNAJI’s Morning After Kit comes replete with four signature quick-fix problem-solving naturally derived skincare solutions to ensure every man looks and feels his unqualified best even on those haggard and harried morning-afters.

Just in time for the holidays and those swanky NYE soirées, when the last of the eggnog is guzzled and the floor is sticky with champagne, MËNAJI marshals an unparalleled lineup of powerful cosmetic and skincare products curated specifically to revive and revitalize a man’s appearance when it’s most desperately needed.

Included in the Morning After Kit are stalwart cosmetic staples like the 911 Eye Gel formulated to provide quick recovery around tired eyes: refreshing, soothing, and significantly lessening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark, puffy morning after eyes.

Also included is MËNAJI’s premier Power Hydrator designed to deliver instant hydration to dry, dehydrated skin. The FIX, MËNAJI’s incomparable answer to wily whiskers, straightening and taming rogue eyebrows and facial hair for a clean, well-groomed appearance. And the essential all-natural LipAgent with SPF 15 providing healthy moisturizer for dry, cracked lips.

“MËNAJI is committed to formulating indispensable, natural skincare and cosmetic solutions that are simple, inconspicuous, and easy to use. Consolidating a few of our most vital and best-selling products into one streamlined collection for men on-the-go just made perfect sense, and really resonates with what men are looking for right now.” – MËNAJI Chief Executive Officer, Pamela S. Viglielmo

MËNAJI is committed to meeting men where they’re at, identifying and meeting their specific skincare and cosmetic needs, and ultimately delivering unequaled all-natural, professional quality products. MËNAJI has been a leading men’s cosmetic brand for over 20-years and continues to push the envelope in both product development and marketing solutions specifically for men.

MËNAJI’s advanced men’s skincare products are exclusively designed to rejuvenate and revitalize by delivering essential hydration, botanical vivacity, and organic, natural shine, blemish, and imperfection intervention how and when men need it most. The Morning After Kit is an invaluable addition to MËNAJI’s incomparable suite of cosmetic and skincare kits and collections.

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