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Free Fedex 2nd Day shipping available on $75+ US orders. Free USPS shipping on $25+ US orders
November 27, 2013
Top 10 Reasons To Call In The 911 Eye Gel

The parties have started and already you may be feeling a bit tired. Looking your best during this busy season is essential for every man. Luckily, we have just the grooming tool you need keep those nasty little circles out from under your eyes. The 911 Eye Gel to the Rescue!


Here are our top 10 reasons to use the 911 Gel that truly changes your life!

  1. It’s dreadful getting out of bed first thing in the morning to work out.  911 for emergency… It wakes your face up in the morning!
  2. Can be used as an ice pack if keep it in the fridge…not the freezer…for an icy application.
  3. Women love it and think it’s cool that the 911 Gel needs to be…well…cool…so that also make you cool!
  4. 911 is the best relief for dreary dark circles; puffy, tired eyes; hangovers; allergy headaches; not enough sleep; too much salt; sunburn…you get the picture.
  5. Better than splashing ice cold water on your face or using spoons!
  6. Economical to use since you only need a small amount.
  7. Better than eye-drops and healthy for you too!
  8. It’s cheaper than an eye-lift!
  9. Natural ingredients with organic elements such as aloe and chamomile, eyebright, allantoin, and wheat protein and its Hypoallergenic, oil-free and ophthalmologist tested.
  10. Small enough to keep in the fridge at work so your boss never knows about the redness and puffiness when you get back from lunch. (shhhhhhhhh – your secret’s safe with us)

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