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October 01, '12
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Now it has been a while since I have written to you gents and for that I apologize, summer is over and fashion week has come and gone so it is time the Menaji Man rededicates to educating and discussing what makes us Men awesome! The cold weather has been nipping at our heels and soon enough we may need to add an extra layer into our daily style to fight off the brisk winds of fall in NYC. Now if you are like me, you despise the first day you have to pay that extra $4 dollars to the coat check attendant to stow your jacket away when you are out on the town. It is never the money, it’s the principle! (Sometimes it is the money…) I am cashed out by March. So what does one do to avoid this annual dilemma, and I say it is simple: Smart layering. Here are three outfit suggestions that may help you through the post summer hangover that comes with the cold weather and delay the inevitable…coat check season:
  1. Sweaters and cardigans: For many, sweaters and cardigans have always been a part of their daily garbs already, but for those who have yet to incorporate these old time fashions, it is the perfect time to dive head first into the mix. From crew necks to V-necks, cashmere to merino wool, the options are endless. You can mix and match with your favorite oxford or undershirt and depending on the brand and outlet; you can look quite dapper for a fraction of the cost of your beloved high fashion brand.
  2. Vests: Now for some vests are just not their style and may leave them looking like Aladdin, but I say hey why not try something new and after all Aladdin did end up courting a dime like Jasmine. Not all vests will keep you warm, but with the right combination of undershirt and material, the vest can add another layer of protection against the elements. Your outfit is only as formal as you make it and there are plenty of different options you can play with to match your personal style. My favorite is the oxford/tie combo with my favorite pair of jeans.  Leave the bottom 2 buttons unbuttoned to top it all off.
  3. Flannel: Like any other fashion, there is a time and place for flannel and while I do not recommend donning the red and black plaid to a 5 star restaurant, the flannel has come back into fashion with a vengeance in the last few years. 21st century fashion has transformed the drab flannel plaid to one that promotes variety in color, pattern and material used. While traditionally used as a functional form of outdoor garb, the flannel has become a force to be reckoned with. This is not your grandfather’s LL Bean anymore.  Don’t sleep on the flannel; it may just save you this winter.
  So there you have it, 3 quick and easy tips. Painless and informative…until next week Gents.

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