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March 25, '20
Take the MËNAJI challenge – COVID-19 Isolation Skincare Guide for Men: 6 Steps

It may be a time of COVID-19 isolation, but that doesn’t have to mean an uptick in the Mr. Mom trend. You know, slippers viewed as luxury footwear and a beard that can only be tamed with you dog’s furminator. Aspire to that guy who looks well-groomed on zoom meetings, even if he is wearing flannel pajamas from the waist down. 

Not only is MËNAJI here to help in this crusade, but we’re also about the silver lining. In the case of self-quarantine, the end game is lifelong benefits that will make the world a better looking place once this passes.

Here, we share six easy regimes that will improve your appearance:

1. Cleanse: If the extent of your grooming routine has been sanitizers and washing hands for as long as it takes to hum happy birthday, you may want to ramp up your routine in this time of contagion. Clean skin thoroughly twice a day, keep hands away from the face, and use a solid exfoliant three to four times a week with MËNAJI’s Scrub. This will slough off dead skin cells and, not just the face, but your hands, back and all parts of the body can benefit. For a deep clean, MËNAJI’s Masque will remove excess dirt and impurities.

2. Shave: Razor burn and acne can be prevented if you wash your face before shaving.  Then apply a few pumps of our botanical-based Clear Shave 3-in-1 Gel and razor up for a smooth, refreshed appearance. Our vitamin-enriched formula and process will remove daily debris and help prevent razor bumps.

3. Moisturize: Men need to moisturize their skin, even indoors, to reduce signs of aging and promote sensible lifelong health. Power Hydrator Plus is an SPF30 tinted, anti-oxidant rich moisturizer that blocks the sun’s harmful rays. Anti-Aging Eraser regenerates surface cells and erases the appearance of fine lines to revitalize damaged skin.

4. Hydrate: Your body consists of 70% water which is key to maintaining a healthy temperature, removing waste from the body and boosting mood and mental capacity. Drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated beverages throughout the day that won’t dehydrate, to stay fully hydrated.

5. Self-care: Finish with men’s undetectable tinted products to even out skin tone. CAMO Concealers offer targeted coverage for blemishes, dark circles—even scars. Formulated with Vitamin C and E,  High Definition Anti-Shine Powder removes oily shine, lessens the appearance of large pores and evens out skin tone for a healthy unblemished appearance.

6. Sleep and Good Health: The importance of a good night’s rest cannot be overemphasized in this new stay-at-home reality. Sleep aids in your physical well-being, whereas deficiencies have been linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart and kidney disease. Keep to a regular schedule and make sensible diet choices that are packed with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which all connect to better skin health.

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