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June 12, '21
Summer Season Essentials: Your Complete MËNAJI List

While summer technically has the same number of days as fall or winter, for some reason, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer seem to fly right by. With tee times pushing right up against the brunch hour, and brunch served by the pool an hour before tennis, summer is all about getting your FIX before it’s too late!

Grooming the guy on-the-go, from the beach to the gym to the backyard barbecue, is all about ease and efficiency for sure, but most importantly it’s about making sure whatever skin and bodycare products you’re using actually work!

“After my morning grooming routine of washing and moisturizing, I applied The Fix to tame my often unruly brows. I headed to the gym, had a great swim and was pleasantly surprised to see that my brows were still intact.

After a quick shower I reapplied The Fix and was good to go for the remainder of the day.”

MËNAJI has your entire summer sports skincare lineup set for all your bodycare and cosmetic needs, so let’s get started.

FIX It and Forget It

You move, you sweat, you swim, you dry off, shake it out and start again. Your beard, mustache, and eyebrows are getting as much of a workout as you are!

MËNAJI’s “Brow/Beard Mustache” FIX is a quick-drying, long-lasting, invisible, undetectable lightweight gel formulated to hold your wildest hairs in place. The FIX sets and holds that natural yet finely sculpted look in and out of the pool, on and off the court, and all throughout the day, providing the kind of confidence you didn’t even know you could count on!

The FIX is ridiculously easy to apply with a specially designed spoolie brush in a compact case, simply comb the brush through your brow, beard, and other facial hair, shape as you go, stache’ it away, and you’re set for the day.

Stay Hydrated

The number one rule of summer – stay hydrated!

Start by keeping your choice summer beverage always close at hand, drink plenty of water (assuming that wasn’t your choice summer beverage!), and keep your skin protected from the sun and well-hydrated!

MËNAJI’s Men’s Power Hydrator PLUS is hands down your skin’s choice summer beverage. Power Hydrator PLUS is the first SPF30 tinted moisturizer for men, infusing your skin with essential antioxidants and botanicals, soothing and moisturizing to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and protecting against UV radiation with SPF 30, a critical summer ingredient for all your outdoor activities.

Available in three natural skin tone shades without any unsightly white sunblock residue, Power Hydrator PLUS locks in your skin’s natural oils and rehydrates in and out of the water.

Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye

Finally, the coup de grâce to your essential summer skincare list, MËNAJI’s Lip Agent, the finally tuned and specially formulated solution to dry, cracked summer lips.

Enriched with vitamin E, sunflower, macadamia, and jojoba oils with no drying or waxing ingredients, Lip Agent moisturizes and protects your lips from the sun, wind, sand, salt, and beer with SPF15 and a host of nourishing natural ingredients.

Summer Skincare by MËNAJI

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, racking up the miles on your bike, absolutely killing the back nine, or working on your backhand, MËNAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare and Cosmetics has seriously thought of everything.

Check out our entire line of products  for all your skincare, bodycare, and cosmetic needs, but for now, stock up on the summer essentials and get back out there! Summer will be over before you know it…

Summer Essentials by MËNAJI

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