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August 24, '20
Life Improvement Tip: Follow a Daily Men’s Skincare Routine in Three Simple Steps

There are mantras that are worth following. You know…those motivational quotes that show up on your social feeds to encourage you to be your best. Refrigerator magnet optimism can certainly elevate a mood but one routine with lifelong benefits and healthy results is a daily men’s skincare regimen.

As creatures of habit, it never hurts to take inventory of routines to toss, like keeping the water running, forgetting to feed the dog and driving your car till the gas tank hits empty. Begin each day by respecting your body with a sensible diet, exercise and protecting your skin—an agenda that will set the daily mindset.

Understanding men’s grooming needs is essential to the success of today’s man and his efforts to look his best, which creates an overall sense of well-being. Such an approach is especially important in today’s challenging climate, where benefits from a natural and improved appearance encourage positive living.

Daily Men’s Skincare Regimen: 3 Steps

  1. Cleanse: More than ever, keeping skin clean is a matter of hygiene that will keep you healthy. Begin your grooming routine by cleansing your face each morning to boost hydration and remove impurities. MËNAJI’s Face & Body Scrub can be used to cleanse all areas of the skin, even elbows, to effectively remove dead cells with its vitamin and botanical properties. Be extra cautious by washing hands every time you arrive home. For your nighttime routine, clean your face to remove damaging pollutants and oil. More grueling days will benefit from a classic clay Deep Cleansing Masque, which absorbs oil and enriches with A,C and E antioxidants. It’s also a calming way to end the day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.
  2. Shave: Whether you’re sporting the COVID beard or want to look video conference-polished, your trusty razor and botanical-rich ClearShave is all that’s needed for either touch-ups or a full on shave each morning, to improve your appearance with a healthy exfoliant bonus. Shave after you cleanse so skin is lubricated and simply massage in the light-weight gel to help prevent blackheads and razor burn.
  3. Moisturize, Protect and Conceal: Following your shave, seal in moisture with an emollient lotion. MËNAJI’s tinted Power Hydrator Plus with a SPF 30 both lubricates and protects from the sun’s harmful rays, while the tint evens out skin tone for a natural, blemish free look. Lips also are vulnerable to sun damage and will be safeguarded by our SPF 15 Lip Agent.

Grooming is on the rise, proving that men are making a personal investment in their skin health and appearance. Looking refreshed parlays to all facets of living, like making sensible food choices and getting exercise. The residual benefit is confidence and an improved outlook, which all contribute to a better looking world.

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