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August 31, '19
How Men Can Establish and Maintain a Skincare Routine

When was it that routine became a dirty word? Is it just something we invariably associate with the inexorable decline into adulthood? Something we surrender our youth and spirit to like the grueling daily grind, work, bills, and taxes? Something that triggers feelings of submission and defeat?

What if routine were to clean up its act, engender youthfulness and vitality, inspire confidence and élan, envy and admiration…?

It’s true, there are a lot of routines out there you should do everything in your power to escape before it’s too late! Your skincare routine is not one of them.

Make It Simple, Make It Matter

You can add a few minutes to your morning routine and shave years off your skin and the impression you make every day.

Three words: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

Your skincare routine should be simple, methodical, and intentional. An essential part of ensuring it becomes second nature is in the products, not just the practice.

What if you had a Face & Body Scrub that both cleansed and exfoliated at the same time, and did so using a natural, unique blend of certified organic lime peel oil, jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene and aloe? What if, indeed!

MËNAJI’s Face & Body Scrub is all that and more, and it’s designed and formulated as such so that your skincare routine is as deliberate, disciplined, and uncomplicated as possible.

Whatever you’re using to cleanse your face and body should be able to remove all that excess dirt and oil you pick up out in the world, clear and unclog your pores, and treat your skin with natural vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals to help restore and revitalize, not just get the grime off.

Once you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, a quick, light application of moisturizer helps lock in hydration, and if your moisturizer is MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator Plus Tinted Moisturizer, then you’re also getting SPF-30 for sun protection, and subtle tinting to even out your complexion.

Quick Side Note: The sun adds years to your skin. UV rays, even on cold and cloudy days, cause wrinkles, sun spots, burns, dryness, and as we all know, even cancer. With SPF-30 sun protection in your daily moisturizer, your skincare routine is like a force field that makes you look exceptional and protects your skin at the same time.

Skincare in Minutes A Day

We are really only talking about a few minutes a day, and like we said, it’s about the products, not just the practice. You’re already showering and shaving, brushing your teeth and combing your hair, so… sorry buddy, you’re already running on the hamster wheel of routine, only this is a routine you chose for a good reason.

The thing about a skincare routine for men is that not only does your skin require much the same care and attention as a woman’s, but it needs to be practical, specifically formulated for a man’s skin, and inclusive of all the things you might not use otherwise that promote healthy, vital skin.

MËNAJI’s entire suite of men’s skincare products and cosmetics are designed specifically for men. Everything from the ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula that literally replaces the post shave rinse with a built-in botanical moisturizer you simply massage into your skin, to the Power Hydrator Plus Tinted Moisturizer that moisturizes, conceals, and protects all at the same time.

In easy-to-use pumps, tubes, and practical applicators designed for real people, MËNAJI has identified and eliminated a lot of the obstacles and inconveniences that made an efficient and effective skincare routine kind of a pain; but those days are gone.

We’ve made it easy so it can work for you, not against you. With our complete line of cosmetic and skincare products that also includes products formulated for the occasional spot treatment, concealing, deep cleansing, and revitalizing, your everyday routine will keep you at your best every day, and your commitment to going deeper will indulge and revive for the long haul.

Routine Redefined by MËNAJI

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