The Top 5 Men’s Grooming Mistakes To Avoid in Your Grooming Routine

The men’s grooming renaissance demands men’s skincare and makeup brands be radically innovative and responsive to men’s unique needs and desires when formulating their skincare products. It is no secret that discerning men are constantly working to refine their routines and sharpen their male grooming skills to look and feel their absolute best, and the men’s cosmetic products they use have to be equally up to the challenge.

In many ways, men’s skincare product brands and the men who rely on them are blazing this revolutionary trail together but having the right tools in hand doesn’t always mean we know how and when to use them.

Vigilance is key when it comes to maintaining that sharp, well-groomed appearance. Establishing reliable skin care routines, and sourcing the highest quality advanced men’s skincare products can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes men make in their existing grooming routines.

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

MËNAJI products are designed with these three key features in mind. We keep our products simple, with quality, natural ingredients; we make them multifunctional and as easy to use as possible; and we ensure that every application provides powerful, reliable results.

Your grooming routine should reflect the same intentional values and commitment if you want to avoid the most common mistakes out there and maintain skin that is healthy and vibrant.

Easy Fixes for the 5 Most Common Male Grooming Mistakes

1. Moisturize Daily – A good moisturizer for men is designed to retain the moisture that is already in your skin. While men’s skin is generally thicker and oiler than women’s, it is not immune to drying, cracking, and creasing, affecting your appearance.

Your skin needs hydration, especially after shaving, which exfoliates and exposes your skin to the elements. Moisturize daily, and every time you shave. Men’s face moisturizer is an absolute must for healthy skin. No excuses.

2. Use Sunscreen – You’re not necessarily heading out to the beach every day where sunscreen is almost always thrown in with the oversized towels and crisp, summer lagers, but you are facing down the sun and ultraviolet radiation whether you think so or not. Adding another layer of sunscreen on top of your moisturizer can be a pain, so most guys just end up skipping it. Don’t!

With combined products like MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator Plus you get a tinted moisturizer for men that hydrates, evens out your skin tone, and provides the sunscreen protection of SPF30 all-in-one.

3. Cover Up Imperfections – Shaving cuts or irritations, untimely blemishes, under eye circles, acne, ruddy skin, visible facial vein, or oily skin. Skin imperfections are par for the course; we do our best to avoid them, but on our best days we double down on covering them up with a men’s concealer designed with men’s skin and men’s needs in mind.

Blemishes and acne can be easily concealed with MËNAJI’s Urban Camouflage® Camo Concealer, so why skip it?! Shiny skin on your face or bald head can be knocked back with a simple Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator that absorbs excess oil and softens that unwanted shine.

4. Exfoliate At Least 2-3 Times Per Week – Soap and water may get the dirt off, but it will leave your skin dry and vulnerable to irritations and imperfections. Simple, deep facial cleansing at the end of the day with a superior face & body scrub will exfoliate, clean, and renew your skin.

We are not talking about your grandfather’s bar soap – your skin deserves so much better. One of the best exfoliators for men you can find is bar none, MËNAJI’s Face & Body Scrub. Your face will thank you.

5. Repeat Application of Lip Moisture –  Protect, soothe, and nourish your lips all day long with an all-purpose, SPF 15 lip balm like MËNAJI’s Lip Agent. Low humidity in the winter, and increased sun exposure in the warmer season means your lips are drying and rehydrating all the time, leading to chapping and cracking. Simply licking your lips is never enough. Apply a nourishing men’s lip balm repeatedly throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated and healthy.

MANifest Destiny

Men’s grooming is a force of nature: your skin demands it, your appearance revels in it, and your confidence soars as a result. As men forge an unrelenting path towards better skincare, and an unapologetic pride in the way you look and feel, men’s skin care and male makeup brands like MËNAJI are helping to lead the charge.

Stay on top of your skin care regimen. Integrate innovative products and simple systems into your daily grooming routines to be sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes too many men keep making.

Cleanse. Protect. Conceal. Compete.


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  1. Eric White says:

    Oh.. I remembered dealing with acne and oily skin in my teens it was quite a terrible point in the life, thanks for sharing though what is an important product to get rid of oily skin, I still face some issue?

    • Menaji Advanced Men's Skincare says:

      Hello Eric, we sincerely appreciate your feedback and apologize for the delay in responding. In case you were not aware, we are presently running a BOGO promotion. Regards, George and the Menaji team

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