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Free Fedex 2nd Day shipping available on $75+ US orders. Free USPS shipping on $25+ US orders
“To be a winner, I need to look and dance perfectly.I trust MËNAJI to keep my skin clean and hydrated with no shine — even under the hottest stage lights. For performances, I always use their Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator, CAMO Concealers and HD Anti-Shine pressed powders. And to be totally well-groomed, THE FIX keeps my eyebrows in place, with the 911 Eye Gel reducing any puffiness around my eyes, and the LipAgent delivering smooth, moisturized no shine lips.”Yuriy Nartov, Professional Ballroom Dancer"
Yuriy Nartov, Professional Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom Dancers Makeup Kit


Ballroom Dancers Skincare Kit

• MËNAJI is the first company to create men’s makeup and concealers which address the unique needs of a man’s skin.

• Our products are made to counter the higher oil production in men’s skin and are dermatologist recommended.

• We combine natural ingredients to make the perfect corrective cosmetics and skincare regimen for men

• MËNAJI products are Made in the USA

Trusted by Makeup Artists, Models, and Actors for 20+ Years

“I use specific products for my male clients because their need is usually different. My go-to is MËNAJI’s CAMO Concealer. Love how light it is and blends perfectly in with the skin.”
Ruth Fernandez
Makeup ArtistUsing MËNAJI on Actor Collin Egglesfield
“[I used] Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator and 911 Eye Gel for the Wonderland shoot with Anthony Ramos… [MËNAJI is] one of my favorite brands to use for men’s grooming. The products are lightweight and do exactly what they promise to do. The colors are on point with a good pigment ratio.”
Faye Lauren
Sales Team Lead, Google
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