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May 10, '19
World’s Greatest Dad – Father’s Day Beyond T-Shirts & Ties

You watched him shave every morning for years, fascinated by the slow, deliberate movement of the razor across his face. You even winced when he nicked his chin as if it were your own. He taught you to tie your shoes and comb your hair. You waved goodbye every morning as he left for work smelling of aftershave and responsibility. He stood many feet over your head, and towered over your world.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you’re not seriously considering giving him another tie, a mug, or some gimmicky high-tech lifestyle product you have to know he doesn’t need, or even want, are you…!? Don’t you like your dad?

Your father defined manhood for you: a true paragon of maturity, authority, and masculinity, and he deserves a Father’s Day gift that highlights and celebrates all the little things the bond between a father and son are made of.

Another in a series of mugs with silly sayings, just won’t cut it!

A Collection for Every Man

The straight razor and Royal Crown Pomade may have defined men’s grooming in the 1930’s, but in 2019, men’s grooming is being redefined by men’s skincare products that are specially formulated, multifunctional, easy to use, with quality, natural ingredients you can feel good about, inspire confidence, and ensure powerful results.

MËNAJI’s advanced men’s skincare products and cosmetics do just that with organic, sustainable, green ingredients formulated specifically for men’s unique skin and skincare needs.

And if that weren’t enough, we also went ahead and redefined Father’s Day gift giving with carefully curated skincare and cosmetic collections for every man in your life. You know, because we’re cool like that.

MËNAJI’s men’s grooming kits and collections each feature an exclusive selection of grooming and skincare products designed to amplify, protect, conceal, moisturize, heal, and hydrate. Tools with a particular purpose, and the ingredients to achieve it.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Every man knows the value of having the right tool for the right job. A plumber’s wrench will get you nowhere, when a vise grip is what is called for; just as a clumsy can of fragrant foam slinks off into relative obscurity when MËNAJI’s ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula shows up for work.

Your father has at least three workshops going at all times: the garage, the office, and the bathroom, and having the right tools in each is absolutely essential.

STEP UP your Father’s Day gift giving this year. MËNAJI has all the tools necessary to take your father’s workshop to the next level – the right tools for the right job means results he can be proud of.

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