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September 08, '20
The FIX is in! Sculpted Brow/Beard Mustache by MËNAJI

Your beard lives life by its own rules; you almost have to respect that. Your mustache mocks your dutiful daily trimming and shaping, and your eyebrows, well…  they constantly betray you, and right there where you can’t see them. That’s some nerve!

Little do they know… the FIX is in!

We’ve long had your unruly facial hair in our sights, and we are proud to finally unleash the solution you’ve been waiting for.

MËNAJI’s “Brow, Beard & Mustache” FIX is specially formulated to tame the wildest mane. A quick-drying, invisible, undetectable lightweight gel to protect and hold your most savage hair in place. With MËNAJI’s FIX, you can finally achieve that natural looking, finely sculpted, expertly shaped mustache, beard, and brow and have the confidence to know that every irrepressible hair will stay firmly in its place.

The Well-Groomed Man

You are the complete package, and your commitment to masterful grooming shows it.  To finely tune your look, highlight the sharpness of your jawline and the character of your cheekbones, your facial hair needs to work with you, not against you.

Vulgar beard oils and pomades are a thing of the past. The MËNAJI man uses superior, top-quality, natural skincare and cosmetic products specially formulated for men to achieve and maintain a vibrant, vital, healthy appearance.

When it comes to your facial hair, MËNAJI’s ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula and Power Hydrator Aftershave help you shape and define the broader vision, but to underscore the nuance, to dial in the fine details, the FIX is confidence incarnate.

Beard/Mustache Grooming Details

Okay, here’s the official deets on the FIX:

A quick-drying, lightweight gel to shape and tame eyebrow, mustache, and beard facial hair. Invisible, non-sticky formula softens + protects to hold hair in place and deliver a well-groomed natural look.

Beyond the label, the FIX is super simple and easy to apply. Simply withdraw the spoolie brush from the case and comb through your brow, beard, and other facial hair in the direction of hair growth. Evenly distribute, shape as you go, and reapply as needed.

MËNAJI is simply revolutionizing men’s grooming. The FIX is truly next level. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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