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April 13, '20
MËNAJI Video Conferencing Pro Tips: Lights, Camera, Action!

Take the MËNAJI Challenge – Part III

On a recent DIY episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers streaming from his low-tech, makeshift home studio – this time his attic – Seth quipped that by the end of the previous week’s clip his “nose was redder than a cartoon drunk!” Hence the move to the attic from the cold garage. Someone won’t be making that mistake again!

During these truly bizarre times quarantined and socially isolated, we are all being let in on an industry secret. With all the impromptu livestreaming by artists and personalities who would otherwise be presented in their primetime best: looking good on camera is not just a matter of standing in front of it!

Truth is, there is nothing effortless about looking good on camera. There is an art to video conferencing, an etiquette, and an entire industry behind making onscreen personalities look great on camera. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of Pro Tips to help you look and feel your best connecting with the world from your home studio.

Men’s Cosmetics and On Camera Pro Tips
Before you just throw yourself into it, take a few minutes to check your surroundings, set your lights, and dress for success as you would for any formal meeting. Sure, there’s a bit of informality about meeting online as opposed to in-person, but don’t let the casual nature of video conferencing make you lazy in your appearance. You want to shine because of who you are and what you have to offer, not because of the bright lights, and dogs barking in the background. 

Sound – Keep in mind, it’s not just your voice that everyone can hear. Try to keep the ambient noise around you to a minimum, and mute yourself when you’re not talking.

Lighting – The pros have all the top-of-the-line gear, and a team of expert lighting technicians at the ready. If you’re lucky, you have a desk lamp, or a well-placed window and a sunny day. Your light source should be in front of you, not behind you, and you want to avoid any harsh shadows.

Try to set yourself up facing the light source, with your camera positioned at, or just above eye level. Soft, natural light is best, but if your desk and overhead lights are all you have, try to position a gentle light source to either side of you, to offset the one above. Balance whatever natural lighting you have with properly placed soft white light, and give yourself time to adjust the lighting before going live.

However limited you may be with your lighting options, MËNAJI’s Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator (LPSE) treats the subject, that’s you, instead of the stage. MËNAJI’s LPSE complements your lighting efforts by eliminating unwanted shine, ensuring a soft, ultra-matte finish that is 100% transparent under any conditions.

Clothing – It can be tempting to consider pants as entirely optional when videoconferencing from home, but if you dress like you’re going to meeting in person, you’ll look and act like you’re going to a meeting in person. Dress so you’re comfortable, professional, and confident. Nothing too dark or too bright, and avoid any color that blends into your background.

Face – Unlike most in-person meetings where you might be looking around the room or staring out the window, your colleagues will be particularly focused on your face online, as that’s the only thing they will really see. For starters, show up well-rested and ready to go. Still looking overworked and tired? Gently apply a small amount of MËNAJI’s 911 Eye Gel amount around the eye with your finger tips to instantly cool puffy eyes with a unique combination of chamomile, aloe, eyebright, allantoin, and wheat protein.

Have you noticed a blemish or two pop up since your time in isolation began? MËNAJI’s Urban Camouflage® CAMO Concealer is perfect for spot coverage of blemishes, breakouts, even dark circles under your eyes. Formulated specifically for men and available in six distinct skin tone shades, CAMO Concealer is virtually undetectable, even on camera.

Finally, even everything out with a quick once over of MËNAJI’s High Definition Anti-Shine Face Powder. Lightweight and undetectable, HPDV Anti-Shine Powder is designed exclusively for men’s oilier skin, available in a range of skin tone shades, and perfect for blending your entire look flawlessly together.

Skincare Solutions For Men On Camera

This time is taking its toll on all of us, each in our own way. MËNAJI is doing what we can to step up and support every man out there working to be present and presentable in these unprecedented times.

Join us as we strive to stay healthy, look and feel great, and revolutionize men’s skincare, grooming, cosmetics for both the camera, and the world beyond.

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