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May 29, '21
Facing Spring and Fall Allergies Face First and Head On

If you’re one of the approximately 50 million Americans that suffer from common seasonal allergies, you definitely know it! You can sense the chill of winter stealthily slipping behind the blossoming curtain of spring by that little twitch in tip of your nose, or the ever-so-slight scratch in the back of your throat.

Maybe you wake-up with a stuffy head or heavy sinuses. Puffy eyes and dark circles ring a bell? Pollen haunting your dreams? And you wonder why you cursed the long, cold, dark days of winter?

While your heart may leap with the warm, sunny days of spring, your body is lashing out against it. Seasonally speaking, spring and fall are awash with pollens, mold, and fungi, and your body is simply having none of it.

Suffering from Seasonal Allergies? Call 911!

Your eyes seem particularly susceptible to the effects of allergies. Puffy, itchy, watery, bloodshot eyes, with dark, unsightly circles. It’s common in these instances to treat your eyes with a cold compress to reduce the swelling and redness, but what if you could cool and treat that tender area under your eyes all day long?

MËNAJI’s 911 Eye Gel is just what you’re looking for. Formulated with a unique combination of chamomile, aloe, eyebright, allantoin, and wheat protein, MËNAJI’s natural, hypo-allergenic oil-free eye gel refreshes like a mini-ice pack, instantly cooling, moisturizing, rejuvenating and restoring puffy eyes.

Hiding in Plain Sight with MËNAJI’s Urban Camouflage

The toll that seasonal allergies take can often leaves dark circles under your eyes like tell-tale signs of the perennial struggle. Treating the puffiness is the first step, but your eyes need time to recover, and while they do, MËNAJI’s Camo Concealer for men with grape seed, beeswax, pink grapefruit essential oil, bergamot, and vitamin E conceals and assists in healing all at once.

In a matter of seconds, apply a small amount of concealer with the tip of your finger and lightly blend it in over the dark areas. MËNAJI’s Camo Concealer is available in six shades from light to dark for every type of skin in the game.

Healthy Men’s Skin for the Win

Build your protection against seasonal allergies year-round with MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator with chamomile, green tea, grapefruit peel, vitamin E, and aloe for all-day hydration and healthy, resilient skin. The soothing, moisturizing, lightweight lotion fortifies your skin against the effects of allergies, and restores that supple, healthy skin that feels and looks amazing.

In between the spring and fall allergy onslaughts, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun as well with MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator Plus with SPF 30. Antioxidant enriched natural oils lock in hydration and moisturize your skin even under the harshest conditions.

Seasonal allergies may be inevitable, but you needn’t just stand there and take it! MËNAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare is all about your best look and your skin’s optimal health. When it comes to allergies, we’ve got your back and your front, so you can face the spring and fall standing tall.

Skin Restored – MËNAJI

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