The Outdoorsman Kit for Men’s Skin Care



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Two sun protection winners in a Jamie Ditty Bag

Power Hydrator PLUS Tinted Moisturizer
with SPF 30

Lip Agent with SPF 15

Keep your favorite MENAJI products neatly stored in this rugged, light weight ballistic nylon bag.  Measuring 6.5 x 5 x 2 inches, it’s small size is perfect for travel or club locker storage.  Easy to wipe material, ensures your SPF skincare products are always kept clean and ready to work for you.  No mess 24/7!

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Why do I need it?

Outdoor daily activities, even just walking to/from your car, has your skin exposed to damaging UVA + UVB rays. This easy-to-wear, daily sunscreen with SPF30 will protect your skin while providing a healthy, natural appearance.

How To Use

Shake gently before use. Apply evenly to skin exposed areas; blend lightly with finger tips to achieve best results of uniform, natural looking skin tone coverage.

Will it wear off throughout the day?

Powder Hydrator PLUS may wear off due to daily activities and should be reapplied after any extended period of time in the sun or after swimming and/or sports activities to ensure maximum sun protection benefits.

Will other people know I am wearing it?

Not unless you share that you are wearing the first SPF30 Tinted Moisturizer for Men!



Are you looking for a kit to take to the beach, sporting events, or other outdoor activities? Whether you’re relaxing in the summer sun, or working hard outdoors, you need protective men’s skin care products. That’s where MËNAJI’s Outdoorsman Kit can help!

What It Is

This special men’s skin care kit provides all the help that skin needs for any person that lives an active outdoor lifestyle, or even someone who simply takes an afternoon walk on their lunch break. Whether minutes or hours are spent outside, the Outdoorsman Kit provides the SPF protection that’s needed to keep the skin sun-safe. Its small case can even fit easily in your suitcase and looks inconspicuous wherever you need to take it.

What’s In It

Contained in this kit are the two, most important, skincare products you’ll require for the outdoors: the Power Hydrator PLUS, a tinted moisturizer that also protects the face from the sun with SPF 30 level protection, and the Lip Agent, a specialized lip balm that contains an SPF 15 to keep lips from being dried out, damaged, or burned by the sun’s harmful rays. With these two products, you’ll have all you need before stepping outside.

Why You Need It

These two special products are great for the outdoorsman in you or if you’re looking for a gift to give that person in your life. They protect the face and lips from the sun’s harmful rays while moisturizing to keep that youthful look about them.

This men’s makeup achieves optimal coverage to deliver a natural, undetectable finish. Use alone or over MËNAJI Urban Camouflage® CAMO Concealers for more complete coverage. Formulated for daily use and excellent for photography, film, and TV needs.

Need help choosing the right shade? Email your photo to or call us at 800-551-5067

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