Men’s Deep Cleansing Masque Pro Pak Kit


Dull skin ends here. Detoxify, nourish and energize your skin.

On the go? Take our Deep Cleaning MASQUE with you! 15 PRO PAKS stored in a handy, black ballistic nylon bag that fits easily in a carry-on or your on-the-road kit, so your skin will be clean, blemish free, and fresh while on vaca, working the tour, or kicking back for well-deserved time away from your regular 24/7. Single use PRO PAKS are the way to go to always enjoy great looking skin.

  • Our specially formulated Masque addresses the 20% higher oil production in men’s skin that other clay and mud masks do not. Skin treatment for men begins with a deep clean to absorb oil, exfoliate dead skin and reduce pore size.
  • Digs out pores and draws out excess dirt and impurities. Perfect for getting rid of black heads
  • Enriches skin with vitamins A, C, E, anti-oxidants, natural clays & botanicals
  • Tightens and reinvigorates skin for a fresh, youthful sheen.
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