Men’s Quick Fix Skin Care Set


Get The Groom Ready ASAP

Three products formulated to have the groom looking his very best F-A-S-T. Used by the pros, top make up artists on set, on location, and on the road, sculpt/shave facial hair + tackle under eye puffiness and dark circles or other skin imperfections;  as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. ClearShave 3-in-1 Formula
    Pre-shave gel conditions and preps skin & hair for close, comfortable shave while providing a unique ingredient blend providing an effortless shave.  Post-shave botanical extracts serve as a natural toner to prevent ingrown hairs and avoid razor burn
  2. Power Hydrator Aftershave
    Our aftershave balm infuses your skin with anti-oxidants and botanicals, soothing and moisturizing your chin without the sting of alcohol-based aftershaves.
  3. 911 Eye Gel
    Our natural eye gel refreshes like a mini-ice pack. Instantly cool puffy eyes with our unique combination of chamomile, aloe, eyebright, allantoin, and wheat protein.