How To Avoid Sunburn

Make no mistake, gentlemen, a sunburn is a skin injury. Depending upon your skin’s pigmentation and melanin content, exposure to UV radiation can occur in minutes, even in the dead of winter.


The benefits of daily sunscreen have been touted widely, and be sure to include the use of hats and sunglasses in your prevention tactics. But when sunburn has set in and you are in need of quick relief, “reach for the vitamin E,” says Dr. White. “Applying vitamin E on the traumatized skin twice a day helps your skin heal.”

And guys, don’t forget about protecting your lips. The thin skin of your lips is even more susceptible to UV radiation, so look for a lip balm with SPF protection. Our Lip Balm Agent gives you SPF 15 protection without feeling waxy or medicinal. MËNAJI also offers Men’s Power Hydrator Plus, a tinted men’s moisturizer with SPF 30 to help your skin stay hydrated and protected from the sun.