Men’s Skin Care and Cosmetics Tips for Successful People

Have you ever noticed that everyone on television and in the movies has beautiful skin? Of course there are ways to create that illusion on the screen. But in real life you’ve also noticed that men and women of power always have blemish-free skin.

Imagine yourself in a board room – a long table with 16 people around the table. Your eye goes to the people in the center or at the end – they are likely to be the people of power around the table. What do they look like in your imagination? Do they have a scarred face. Perhaps. What about a red, blemished face? Unlikely. Most often you will imagine a smooth-complexion and a blemish-free face. That is because the power figures that we see in real life usually have this appearance. They carry themselves with confidence. They know that they look good, they feel good, and they feel powerful.

A clear complexion and a healthy body give confidence. You know that you have been effective in making your appearance as pleasant and dynamic as possible, and you that you will be just as effective in the boardroom as in any other setting.

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