Mens Skin Solutions for Eyelid Pigmentation

People might ask if you are tired, but there are other reasons that you may have dark circles under your eyes. One common cause is poor drainage of blood from the veins under the eyes in the veins of the nose. This can occur whenever there is nasal congestion, like if you have seasonal allergies. Although dark circles can occur in all skin types, those with darker skin tones – especially African Americans, Southeast Asians, and Europeans of Mediterranean descent – are particularly troubled by hereditary dark circles. Additionally, as we age, the skin begins to thin, and the lower eyelid skin appears darker.


Treatment is aimed at plumping or thickening the lower eyelid skin and lightening the discolorations. Retinoids or AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) may plump the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. Agents used to minimize or decrease pigmentation include vitamin K cream, kojic acid, and antioxidant vitamin C.

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