Adult Acne and Acne Treatment

Pimples can still pop up well past your teen years. Back then, your adolescent hormones were responsible for outbreaks. These days, stress, humidity, heavy sweating and the use of steroids can cause adult acne to reappear. Contrary to popular belief, washing your face too much can also cause acne to get worse.

Of course, acne can be bad enough to warrant a visit to your primary care physician. Your doctor can “help identify the cause of even occasional outbreaks and advise a treatment accordingly,” says Dr. Soren White, dermatologist.

Outside of a medical visit, Dr. White recommends “an over-the-counter, 5% benzoyl-peroxide skin wash from most local drug stores and use it twice daily. Most patients will see a noticeable difference with that regimen.”

Acne Face

One way to facilitate cleaner skin without being too harsh on it is to use our Face & Body Scrub, which is not just formulated for men’s skin care, but also for use 2-3 times per week. Need a deeper clean to get that oil, dirt and dead skin out of those pores? Then try our Deep Cleansing Masque, which is infused with vitamins and botanicals to quicken the healing process.

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