Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift they’ll actually use but not sure where to start? Our team of experts pulled together their top recommendations for the different personalities in your life, complete with healthy skincare and personal grooming.

The Down & Dirty

There are men on your holiday gift list that work hard and play even harder. They have that rugged, fearless spirit that you can only picture in layers of dirt and sweat.
A little secret: Even those guys clean up, and clean up well with the right men’s cosmetics and skin care. 

The Face & Body Scrub gets down deep to clean oil and dirt, exfoliates, and renews that hardened, weather-beaten skin of athletes, intrepid outdoorsmen, and men who work as much with their hands and bodies, as with their hearts and minds. This advanced formula is specially designed for men’s skin care with a natural blend of certified organic lime peel oil, jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene and aloe.

Also try our Deep Cleansing Masque to revitalize and nourish toughened skin, and Lip Balm Agent to guard against the elements, and keep lips soft and feeling fresh. 

Face & Body Scrub
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Lip Balm Agent with SPF 15
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The Life of the Party

If his Instagram feed is any indication, he seems to be everywhere anyone can be and all at the same time! One minute he’s teeing up on the back nine, the next he’s at a wedding in some impossibly scenic orchard upstate, while somehow simultaneously coaching his son’s Little League game. Despite all appearances, life, unlike Instagram, doesn’t provide filters, and life takes a toll on his skin.

 The Power Hydrator PLUS will keep his skin hydrated and moisturized, while providing powerful SPF30 sunblock protection – a perfect winter skin care addition. Available in three distinct natural skin tone shades, the Power Hydrator PLUS delivers an antioxidant-rich, healthy, vigorous complexion for that complex man always on the go.

 Quick and almost too easy to use, throw in the Lip Balm Agent enriched with vitamin E, sunflower, macadamia and jojoba oils to keep his lips ultra-nourished, moisturized, and protected from the elements with SPF15, sunflower seed and coconut oils. Holiday skin care never felt this good.

The Consummate Professional

Public speakers, politicians, professors, preachers, professionals who make their livelihood on camera, or on stage, broadcasters, musicians, performers, actors, dancers, lawyers, athletes at a post-game interview, businessmen who are the public face of their company, and any man that cares about how they look and present to the world. These are the men in your life, on your holiday list, and they are taking care of themselves like they never have before when every moment is a possible photo-op, and there’s a camera in everybody’s pocket.

Men who are working to achieve great things, are striving for an unblemished, clean, even skin tone skin, and a healthy, vibrant appearance. MËNAJI’s expansive line of men’s skincare, makeup, and cosmetic products ensure his skin and his appearance are “camera ready” 24/7, so he looks and feels unequaled and invincible.

The CAMO Concealer and HDPV Anti-Shine Powder are available in a broad range of skin tones from light to deep brown, providing unparalleled even coverage and a natural, undetectable finish. Every man putting his best face forward can do so with confidence and composure.

 Lights, camera, ACTION! The world can be a bit unforgiving on men’s unique, oilier skin. The Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator knocks out shine for men of any skin tone and color. Ideal for use on both his face and hands, keeping him smooth and dry.

When the red-eye meets the 5 o’clock shadow, MËNAJI’s ClearShave is the on-the-go, travel size, botanical shave gel that gets you past TSA and back to your best self. No water needed for a close, professional shave with straight edge or electric razor, No sting, no mess, with sage leaf, aloe, echinacea, cucumber, clove, and eucalyptus extracts for a men’s botanical makeover like no other.

HDPV Anti-Shine Face Powder for Men
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Men's Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator
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The Distinguished Gray

Men try to age as gracefully as possible, too! The
Anti-Aging Eraser is perfect for the distinguished older men in your life, or those in their middle years, taking better care of themselves now than they ever did in their twenties. 

MËNAJI’s powerful anti-aging skincare formula repairs and regenerates wrinkles and damaged skin, and reduces redness and age spots with jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and squalene to balance his skin’s natural oils, keeping him looking vibrant, healthy, and ever the sophisticated gentlemen.

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ClearShave 3-in-1 with razor
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The Bald & Beautiful

It’s an undeniable fact that bald men project an imposing power and confidence that’s impossible to ignore. Smooth, strong, and striking:
bald is clearly beautiful.  

The Clear Shave 3-in-1 Formula conditions and prepares skin for a close, uber-comfortable shave without rinsing. Our unique blend of natural, botanical ingredients prepares his skin for a smooth, effortless, exceptional shave. 

Complete the razor’s edge gift giving precision with our Face & Body Scrub because confidence is contagious, and men’s skincare by MËNAJI is confidence incarnate.