Mens Makeup & concealer for men


MËNAJI is the first company to create men’s makeup and concealers which address the unique needs of a guy’s skin.

  • Our products are made to counter the higher oil production in men’s skin and are dermatologist recommended.
  • We combine natural ingredients to make the perfect corrective cosmetics and skincare regimen for men
  • MËNAJI products are Made in the USA

Urban Camouflage® – A Real Men’s Concealer

“Very easy to use with it’s tube manipulator. Blends well, so that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup. I first thought that the sheen in the product would feminize it, however it actually brightened the under eye area effectively. Effectively removed the tired eye look.”

Paul / Minnesota

Undetectable, the CAMO Concealer is the world’s first concealer for men. This discreet face product is designed for men and formulated to withstand the higher oil output of men’s skin. Our grape seed oil-based cosmetic is infused with vitamins and botanicals.

  • Available in six shades to fit every man’s skin tone
  • Reduce dark circles, hide scars, redness, bumps and blemishes
  • Dermatologist recommended for use on acne and irritated skin
  • Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free
  • Lip-balm sized applicator for easy carry and discreet spot checks

Price: $29

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Men’s Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator

“These products are amazing. I don’t want people knowing I wear makeup, so this is perfect. If you don’t over do it, your skin will look flawless.”

Andrew / New York City

Our Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator absorbs excess oil and knocks out unwanted shine to deliver a soft, ultra matte finish.

  • Removes topical shine and oil
  • Minimizes the appearance of large pores
  • Powerhouse, light weight, concentrated cream
  • Dries to undetectable finish
  • Perfect for all-over coverage

Price: $36

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HDPV Anti-Shine Powder

“This is the best product in the world! It makes you look like a movie star and I cannot go a day without it. No shine and you look amazing. I look amazing in every single picture. Don’t think twice by it now!”

Jorge / Illinois

Undetectable under the harshest conditions,MËNAJI Anti-Shine attains neutral and even skin tone with a light touch. Made for professionals faced with the unforgiving clarity of high definition television, our AntiShine Powders are a must have for anyone who wants a shine-free professional look.Today these professional grade pressed powders are used on set, in TV studios, or anywhere a guy needs to have shine free skin and look his best.

  • Available in four skin shades to achieve optimal tonal neutrality (Light, Medium, Bronze, Dark)
  • Formulated with vitamins C and E to help improve damaged skin
  • Specially designed to counter higher oil production in men’s skin

Price: $38

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The Undectables Makeup Starter Kit

Gregory Undetectables Male Makeup Kit

Amazing…The anti-shine powder blends flawlessly and you don’t need much at all to achieve a nice, even, skin tone. The shade is absolutely a perfect match. The concealer is great as well. It definitely conceals blemishes and has a nice, creamy texture that blends in well, and compliments the anti-shine powder. All in all, these are absolutely great products in a perfect kit!

Michael / Idaho

The Gregory Undetectables Kit has all the makeup essentials you will need to look your best at all times. Keep your MËNAJI undetectable makeup products perfectly concealed in this small, light weight, ballistic material-made ditty bag. Perfect for air travel, at the office, or in your gym bag.

  • HDPV Anti-Shine Powder (shade of choice)
  • Premium Cruelty Free Kabuki Brush by MËNAJI
  • CAMO Concealer (shade of choice)

Limited time offer:  $72
Suggested Retail Value:  $100.50

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How to apply MËNAJI undetectable cosmetics

Look good and feel great every day with these easy to use products and simple routine.

  1. Start with: Liquid Powder Shine EliminatorWith your fingertips, apply to your t-zone and any oily areas of your face for a matte finish.
  2. Then apply: CAMO ConcealerTo hide blemishes, even out skin tone, and add brightness to dull skin, use your fingertips again to apply this concealer directly to your skin. We recommend targeting under eyes for a refreshed, awake appearance.
  3. Follow with our: HDPV Anti-Shine PowderSet the concealer with this lightweight powder using our Kabuki Brush. Apply the pressed powder with our Kabuki Brush and tap off any excess. Lightly apply by sweeping the brush across your cheeks, forehead, chin, and bridge of your nose.
  4. Finish your look with: Lip Balm AgentProtect and hydrate your lips with this staple. You know what to do.


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