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MËNAJI’s First Annual Barber Night

MËNAJI’s First Annual Barber Night

Mënaji hosted an evening for barbers and their friends to eat, drink, relax and let the good times roll while learning about the latest products from an iconic men’s skincare brand. “This event is the first of its kind for barbers – those guys on the front line of the country’s most lucrative industry of […]

MNF Charity Event Hosted by Rashad Jennings and Supported by MËNAJI

Mënaji Man Nick Slay and NY Giant Rashad Jennings

An elite, star-studded group of football fans and friends gathered to support the Rashad Jennings Foundation on Monday, October 5 at The Royal NYC and Mënaji Advanced Men’s Skincare was there to support. Hosted by Rashad Jennings in partnership with Label 55 and Fashion Stylist Megan Averbuch, the event was held to benefit his foundation. The […]

MËNAJI’s First Annual NYC Barber Night at NYY Steak

MEDIA ALERT: Interview/Video/Photo/opportunity WHEN: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2015 WHERE: NYY STEAK 7 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019 WHAT: FIRST ANNUAL NYC BARBER NIGHT An evening hosted by MENAJI Men’s Skincare in partnership with NYY Steak in NYC, to eat, drink relax and let the good times roll for barbers and their friends. Barbers […]

Cut Grooming Time in Half with MËNAJI

How fast is your skincare? Mintel, the global provider of market research, said that multifunctional and time-saving benefits are the key concerns for male consumers according to their recent report. MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo said that is what her company has been doing for years – providing fast, user-friendly, healthy skincare – and the number […]

Australian Men Don’t Say “Metrosexual”; It’s “Machosexual”

Thanks to shows like Mad Men and Peaky Blinders, men’s grooming is very much in demand in Australia. And as more men explored the well-pruned beard phenomenon, while others the shaved head, all Aussie men knew they loved product and men-only spaces to get handsome. Reports by Business Insider in the AU calculate that 48% […]

Pamela Viglielmo – The Changemaker in Men’s Global Grooming

Pamela Viglielmo, COO of Mënaji Worldwide was interviewed by LIVID magazine. A changemaker in the world of beauty, Pamela shared her inspiration behind becoming a leading player in the men’s grooming industry, as well as her ideas on innovative men’s skincare and cosmetic solutions, and her admiration for iconic changemakers such as Coco Channel, the founder […]

Women “Borrowing” MËNAJI’s 911 Eye Gel

MËNAJI 911 Eye Gel featured in New You Article

The current issue of New You magazine, featuring cover girl Paris Hilton, asks “Ladies, ever been tempted to steal a swipe of your man’s grooming products? You’re hardly alone.” Mënaji 911 Eye Gel is a featured item in Borrow This or Steal That. “It’s a growing trend. Men’s grooming products, often made with the same quality ingredients […]

Behind The Scenes of US Beauty World on RADIO AMB Monday with MËNAJI

Patty Schmucker, Host of Radio AMB who tries to discern the fascinating “behind the scenes” world of American-made beauty products by interviewing movers and shakers, interviews MENAJI Men’s Skincare COO Pamela Viglielmo on everything from formulations and hidden secrets, to packaging and the coveted and exclusive “Made in USA” designation on Monday June 15 2015 […]

Mënaji is a Must-Have for Skincare and Spa Professionals

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, the leading magazine for the industry, features CAMO and HDPV Anti-Shine Powder in its list of Artists’ Essentials. Mënaji is the only brand chosen for men! Developed by a professional make-up artist, Mënaji is used by actors, models, business executives and men who simply want to look their best. CAMO is the world’s […]

Women Love MËNAJI for Their Men & Themselves

Mënaji featured in “Looking for Cheaper Skin-Care Products? Borrow From the Men” from the New York Times Fashion & Style section: A couple of decades ago, when the notion of men’s eye cream or facial scrub seemed far-fetched, many men were reduced to borrowing products from their wives or girlfriends or, worse, approaching a pink-smocked salesclerk at […]