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July 07, '12
The Quick and Easy Beach Guide for Men
As we are well into beach season, I’d like to take the time out to discuss some finer points on what I’d like to call “beach etiquette” that every Male out there should take the time to learn before their day at the beach. There are many unwritten rules in terms of beach etiquette , (thongs and speedos on males are only okay in certain parts of Europe, kapeeche?) and here are some of the more pressing issues for 2012: Top 3 rules at the beach for this Summer:
  1. Now everyone isn’t going to have the perfectly chiseled body of Olympian Ryan Lochte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you have to get the most out of your moments of vulnerability.  It’ okay to have some chest hair, but grooming is a must for most men. This is the beach, not the jungle, 10-20 minutes a week can help you in the long run. Pro Tip:  Read this grooming body hair article from Ask Men, I support every claim made: As for back and shoulder hair: there is a time and place to have it, the time is never and you can figure out the place on your own. Simple as that!
  2. Choosing the right trunks is key. Like anything else in life, you are being judged by what you are wearing as much as what you are not so do not make the mistake of chosing the wrong suit.  Now I understand that one might not want to break the bank when it comes to something such as a swimwear, but think of a swimsuit as sort of an investment. Retailer and Premium brand websites often have swimsuits on sale at the mid to end of the summer for up to 50% off (Around mid July-September) and there is nothing wrong with buying clearance.  Last season’s “fashions” are always fine, whatever looks good works, and no one except those in haute couture will ever question that you’re swimsuit is from the summer of 2011. Pro Tip: Find your affordable personal style (in terms of pattern, length is debatable, but nothing too short) and BUY IT. I trust the readers of this blog to have varied, but sophisticated taste, so I will not tell you what to buy!
  3. DO not under any circumstances where sneakers to the beach. You will look like a plebian who doesn’t belong. But also who wants to deal with shoes and socks? Not to mention you’re never going to get that sand out of the crevices of your shoe…just try. Pro Tip: Buy flip-flops from Old Navy $3.50 or 2 for $5, no one is looking at your feet at the beach and you’ll spend more time barefoot than not anyway.

So there you have it, heed my suggestions. Wear SPF 30 (You will still tan), stay hydrated, and don’t stare! See you in the dunes!

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