MËNAJI Celebrates Father’s Day with Post Isolation Grooming Kits

For the Dads who treat skincare like a fine cigar or the ones who need a primer, MËNAJI delivers advanced men’s grooming gift sets, just in time after shelter-in-place

For Immediate Release: Southport, CT – May 29: He may have an interesting taste in music and a drawer filled with tattered T-shirts that have a history, seriously Dad, can you please throw away that signed football jersey? Dads, you can’t help but love them. Father’s Day happens to be one of our favorite holidays, when we can thank those men for what they truly mean to us. From the gut-wrenching disciplining to letting those mishaps slide, we’re better today because of them.

Men’s skincare with advanced attributes is a lifelong gift with healthy benefits. MËNAJI products not only clean but protect, correct and conceal. It’s everyday skincare to have dads looking their best, naturally, which is especially welcomed after the grunge of isolation!

This Father’s Day, MËNAJI honors dad with two multi-product gift sets:

Limited Edition Cigar Boxed Set (6 products)
Value: $161. Price: $125

Based upon our overwhelming positive outreach during COVID-19, we’ve learned that dads want, need, a skincare regimen as safely returning to normalcy slowly resumes. From reducing shine, alleviating tired eyes and the cool, soothing gel for the perfect shave, this gift-ready in an authentic cigar box. Dads and moms will thank you!

For the dad who appreciates skincare as much as his grill, the MËNAJI limited cigar box edition includes: Liquid Power Shine Eliminator, 911 Eye Gel, HD Anti-Shine Powder, CAMO Concealer, ClearShave and Lip Balm Agent in an authentic keepsake box.

Military Basics Dopp Bag Set (4 grooming products)
Value:  $121. Price: $95

This simple to use 4-product set covers the basics, from effective healthy skin cleansing to SPF sunscreen protection for the coming summer months: Scrub, Masque, Power Hydrator PLUS, and Lip Balm Agent in MËNAJI’s military dopp kit.

About MËNAJI Worldwide, LLC
For nearly 20 years, MËNAJI has been recognized as an established leader in offering products specific to a man’s needs while investing in research and product testing to create the best formulations a man can use. The company has enjoyed a meteoric increase in its following, coinciding with the social media mentality that a man’s self-esteem is improved when looking his best.

Refining the standards men have toward their grooming regimen, MËNAJI is known for must-have skincare products that top celebrity groomers and make up artists swear by due to their results-driven performance.

“MËNAJI’s innovation has been at the forefront of men’s grooming for close to twenty years with products used by top professional makeup artists and stylists for their celebrity clientele. Now, given today’s image-driven world, our problem-solving skincare and HD cosmetics are in demand by men who know the importance of healthy skin and looking great 24/7, and our brand is more relevant than ever,” says MËNAJI President Pamela Vigliemo.”  

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