MËNAJI + Movember: Women Buying Healthy Skincare for their Men

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 8, 2019, MENAJI Worldwide, Southport, CT

During the month of Movember, women have an opportunity to show the men in their life that they care and are interested in their health and well-being. Translation: They’d like their guys to stop secretly raiding their side of the medicine cabinet and take an active interest in their skincare needs.

MËNAJI always appreciates the dilemma/solution scenario, thereby creating a GIFT SET that will attend to a man’s skincare essentials. The kit includes four basics: Deep Cleansing Masque, Anti-Aging Eraser, SPF 30 Power Hydrator Plus Tinted Moisturizer and Lip Balm Agent in a high-tech camouflage fabric kit.

Five steps for What Women Need to Know When Buying Men’s Skincare:

(1) Identify His Skincare Needs:  art with a quick analysis of his grooming regimen by posing these questions:

Does he currently wash his face regularly?
How regularly does he moisturize, if at all?
Is he using a product with a SPF?
How much time does he currently put into his grooming regimen?
Once you establish his current program, he can ease into a simple routine with four key MËNAJI products.
(2) Cleanse the Skin:  Chances are he’s slathering soap onto his face in the shower, a common routine which is drying, especially as we enter winter’s drying months. To remove impurities, MËNAJI’s traditional clay Masque will effectively clean, tighten and invigorate the skin while prepping it for the next steps.
(3) Moisturize:  The face should be moisturized twice a day: Morning and night. Rejuvenate skin with the Anti-Aging Eraser, the most effective cream available concentrated with peptides, which enhances the elasticity, strength and texture of skin.

(4) Protect:  Any time spent outdoors, or even aside a window such as when you are driving, needs to be protected with a SPF moisturizer. MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator Plus has a non-greasy, lightweight application that’s rich in anti-oxidants. The natural oils hydrate and protect from the sun while the tint evens out tone with a non-detectable application. Match skin to one of the three available shades: Light, Medium and Dark.
(5) Refresh:  What man doesn’t depend on his trusted Lip Balm? A simple way to add moisture to dry lips is with MËNAJI’s Lip Agent, which contains a SPF and peppermint flavor for added appeal.

For nearly 20 years, MËNAJI has been recognized as the established leader in offering products specific to a man’s needs while investing in research and product testing to create the best formulations a man can use. The company has enjoyed a meteoric following, coinciding with the social media mentality that a man’s self-esteem is improved when looking his best.
Refining the standards men have toward their grooming regiment, MËNAJI is known for such cutting-edge products as Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator, the product makeup artists swear by due to its results-driven performance as well as the Urban Camouflage Concealers that coverup dark circles and blemishes with a natural application.
“MËNAJI’s innovation has been at the forefront of men’s grooming for close to twenty years. Now, given today’s image driven world, our products are in demand by men who know the importance of healthy skin and looking great 24/7, and our brand is more relevant than ever,” says MËNAJI President Pamela Viglielmo.

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