The Ultimate Guide to Shaving for Men

When you are deliberately stroking a blade to your face, you need to get it right. Shaving has had countless transformations, like the barber shop creamed brush and hot towel method to the efficiency of a disposable razor. Now that beards have become mainstream and not a symbol of quitting corporate life to helm a rum factory in Barbados, a well-groomed beard is as essential to a man’s style than the shoes he wears. Modern shaving depends on innovative products and techniques. MËNAJI and top men’s skincare experts guide on the process and what works to achieve the best shave…

Tips to the Perfect Shave

Jason Bremer, a distributor of salon quality men’s grooming products, knows a thing or two about shaving. “Many guys now seem to be chasing the well-maintained bearded look. To really achieve this without visiting the barber every couple days, learning how to shave with a single blade razor will be of great help. You really want to keep your cheek and neck line sharp,” says Bremer.

Bremer’s Tips:

  1. I prefer the straight razor but a single blade safety razor can work also. Then a clear (non foam) shave gel such as MËNAJI’s ClearShave is the next key component.
  2. Most brands will tell you not to use a hot towel with their products but, from my experience, it’s good to take a small towel or washcloth, run it under hot water and ring out, and place on area your about to shave for 30-60 seconds.
  3. MËNAJI’s ClearShave dispenses really well, and unless you’re going to shave your whole neck and face, 1-2 pumps is plenty.
  4. Go slow and be sure to hold the skin tight.
  5. ClearShave product is a key part of a well-groomed beard routine as you need to be able to see where you are shaving when you touch things up. Most guys are capable of shaving this way and could really enhance their look but are afraid of cutting themselves.
  6. I always follow a shave with a cold water rinse. Before my skin is dry I apply MËNAJI’s Power Hydrator Aftershave to my whole face. This product is really nice because it absorbs so quick and is not greasy.
  7. If you have other areas of your body you wish to shave, MËNAJI’s ClearShave would be ideal as it is free of harsh chemicals. The slightly herbal scent adds a feel good factor.


Makeup artist Manana Saralidze recommends gently exfoliating the skin before shaving. “Using my MËNAJI’s Face and Body scrub allows me to pack a light kit since it’s meant for both face and body,” she says.


After shaving, dose skin with powerful antioxidants and hydrate with Power Hydrator Aftershave. The processes nourishes skin and leaves it looking camera-ready.

On the Go:

Considering Saralidze’s work in the film, television and fashion industries, a variety of locations keep her on the move. “I keep ClearShave in my kit at all times, It’s a life saver! There have been many times on set where I didn’t have access to water, using ClearShave allowed me to feel safe removing my clients unwanted hair. I have used it on facial hair, chest, back, ears, side burns and bikini lines. It’s especially great for maintaining bald heads—keeping a smooth bald head requests daily shaving, I feel safe using it daily on my clients without irritating their skin. When choosing my products I look for safe ingredients, and products that help me work faster. ClearShave meets both of those needs by being a botanical-based formula that doesn’t require water, it’s a win-win.”

Waxing—Friend or Foe?

That quick pain from wax removal may get you instant results but it could come at a cost. “I have always been a fan of waxing, but recently a friend of mine was hospitalized for an infection from a waxing incident. It gave me a huge scare and I have been avoiding it since,” says Saralidze. “Shaving is still the safest way to remove hair and, no, it will not grow darker and more coarse if shave. Plus, if you are a working artist who needs to have a small hair removal kit, I’d say there isn’t a better/faster/safer product available than ClearShave. Waxing also does not set the hair in the same manner of a conventional shave. ClearShave sets the hair, has excellent glide, and post shave its natural toner closes the hair follicle—a plus with for men with darker complexions.” End call? Stick with your razors.

Easy Touch-Ups:

“ClearShave’s silky texture is so effortless, it can handle quick fixes around the beard or brows. A potentially embarrassing sighting of unwanted facial hair can be easily addressed,” says makeup artist James Vincent. “ClearShave allows me to take care of my client in more ways than just complexion.” Simple hair removal equates to looking good and feeling confident, which is the MËNAJI way.


Jason Bremer: Men’s grooming distributor   Manana Saralidze: Makeup artist   James Vincent: Makeup artist

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