MËNAJI Partners with Leading Fashion Designers

MËNAJI’s inspired selection of men’s skincare and concealers is known in the industry as the leader in its category. Designers have taken note, where you will find MËNAJI in the kits of top Makeup Artists backstage during fashion week, Oscar night and the most glittering international events.

In the stunning Joseph Abboud fall 2019 show, the designer created an unprecedented collection that paid tribute to the layered, classic and rugged charm of turn-of-the century immigration. To evoke that stepped-onto-Ellis-Island feel, the show was held on a pirate ship in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. MËNAJI was there. As the premium product used on the Abboud models, MËNAJI lotions and concealers evoked handsome looks that held up under uncompromising runway lights.

Says President Pamela Viglielmo, “MËNAJI is used by such top designers as Joseph Abboud because our skincare line delivers the problem-solving products needed to help men look their best.”

This is where MËNAJI’s importance in creating the best products, specific to a man’s skin type, pushes it directly onto the fashion runway, red carpet and silver screen. “The line is focused, with not too many products, and a broad range of skin tone shades,” says Viglielmo. The quality selection is also easy to use for quick turn around backstage. “Time is of the essence when you are prepping over 50 models and your makeup artists need products that are simple to use and perform on the runway,” adds Viglielmo.

This is about allegiances with leaders in their field, an association with talent who depend on products to help make their productions a success. Such designers as Duckie Brown, Asof Ganot, Loris Doran, NIHLS and Fen Cheng Wong have all come to MËNAJI for their fashion and skincare needs. Says Viglielmo, “Those backstage moments where talent uses MËNAJI to seal a look eventually infiltrates itself into the wider stream of influencers. Consumers who want the best know it begins in fashion.”

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