Men’s Skin Care and Grooming Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Let’s review some traditional Valentine’s Day gift options:
  • Chocolate—Unless it’s anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate this could be a reckless gift in the deep of winter.
  • Greeting Cards—Can’t you just write your sentiments without enlisting a third party company?
  • Balloons—You’re not 8.
Give your man what he really needs with affordable luxuries that have lifelong benefits. MËNAJI is the indie skincare brand created for men’s skin. They need their own product specific to their gender, which results in looking good for themselves and others. The benefits go far beyond cosmetic as it builds self-esteem, which equates to success. MËNAJI is not a gift but a game changer. Here are some of our favorite MËNAJI gift items: HPDV Anti-Shine Sunless Tan—Those tickets to Turks & Caicos may have been a bit over the Valentine’s Day budget but looking like you returned from an island getaway only takes a few strokes to the face with MËNAJI’s Anti-Shine Sunless Tan. Our keepsake Kabuki brush provides a more natural application. Camera Ready Kit—From a public engagement to a widely liked selfie, MËNAJI’s Camera Ready Kit includes all the essentials to make a man look his best. Included is Urban Camouflage, HDPV Anti-Shine, Liquid Power Shine Eliminator and Power Hydrator Plus–all handsomely assembled in a high-performance dopp kit. Liquid Power Shine Eliminator—This all-dependable powerhouse cream removes excess oil and is simple to use for those on-the-spot encounters. Lip Balm Agent—If your Valentine’s Day will include kissing, lips will be better primed with our vitamin E enriched Lip Agent.

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