Who’s on the top of MËNAJI’s nice list this year? Makeup Artists! The unsung heroes behind the most captivating people in the public eye, Makeup Artists depend on MËNAJI products to enhance a man’s appearance. For a third year, MËNAJI will be participating at the TMS Makeup Shop, an industry event that will be bustling this coming Saturday, December 15th through Sunday the 16th. We support the Makeup Artists who we admire along with aspiring artists who understand why MËNAJI is essential to men’s grooming needs. Makeup Artists and professional groomers need products made for male skin types to have their skin looking healthy, placing men at the top of their game. This not only builds audiences but confidence. Professional Makeup Artists are more successful when they have product specifically formulated for a man. Core 4 MËNAJI Must-Haves from Pros: ClearShave Liquid Power Shine Eliminator URBAN CAMOUFLAGE® CAMO Concealers Lip Agent with SPF 15 Makeup Artists specializing in high profile NYC-focused industries – which include stage, media and entertainment – rely on Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator to wipe out shine. The insider elixir removes perspiration, creating a camera-ready look no matter how bright the stage or set lighting is. For men who appear to be spending too much time under studio lights rather than in the sun, artists dust on HDPV Anti-Shine Sunless Tan. The bronzing powder achieves an instant, natural and healthy tanned look without that orange sunning bed effect. Core 4: New York City’s Public Eye Professions Depend on Makeup Artists 1. Bridal: Look inside any successful bridal Makeup Artist’s kit and it’s equipped to groom the groom. Simple things like Lip Agent and URBAN CAMOUFLAGE® concealer sticks will take the groom and his supporters from vows and pictures to a celebration that’s forever chronicled. 2. On-Air Talent: Unisex products won’t cut it when you have a man with a pubic persona. “Being on camera and it’s important to look good. When you look good, you feel good, you perform better,” says MSG basketball correspondent and Host of Scoop B Radio Podcast Brandon Robinson. 3. Live Theater: Those in the industry of theater, dance and the performing arts are devoted MËNAJI supporters. The cosmetics appear natural, work well under the spotlight, and don’t smear. 4. Editorial + Fashion Week: Male models who have to walk the runway or look magazine-polished depend on a MËNAJI makeover. Skin will look fresh, vibrant, and responds well to the camera. On location without basic necessities? They can even have a quick shave on the field with MËNAJI’s ClearShave, which doesn’t need water. Makeup Shop NYC Metropolitan Pavilion, Metropolitan West & The Makeup Show 125 West 18th Street, NYC Shop Hours: Saturday, December 15th: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, December 16th: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m MËNAJI available at top New York City retailers including Manhattan Wardrobe Supply: 245 W 29th St, 8th floor, New York, NY 10001. Wardrobesupplies.com