Teddy Williams Talks Men’s Grooming

Athletes and Fashion go hand-in-hand. What pro athletes use and wear off the field is just as important as what they do on the field. In fact now athletes lead the men’s grooming industry by way of influencing those who love to watch them play. Some experts say it is because athlete’s skin needs more serious care and hydration, others think that it’s because pro athletes are expected to look as good off the field as other celebrities. We tapped into the trend by catching up with  Carolina Panthers Cornerback Teddy Williams who tells us what he thinks. Q.  What’s your biggest grooming splurge? A. My biggest grooming splurge is on my facial care. I have a natural baby face since I can’t grow much facial hair so I take pride in having quality face wash and face lotion. Q.  What’s your typical morning grooming routine? A. On a daily I use a face wash and lotion. They work great for me. Every morning I rinse my face with warm water and apply the face wash. After massaging it onto my face I rinse it off and pat my face dry with a towel. Then I massage the face lotion on. Q. When did you begin to use grooming products? A.  I began using the face wash and lotion around 2 years ago when my wife introduced me to it. I have noticed a great change in my facial skin over that period of time. Q.  What do you struggle with? (Dry skin? Ingrown hairs? Shine?) A.  Occasionally I will struggle with ingrown hairs in my beard. Q.  What do you think the best grooming tool every guy should have is? A.  I think the best tool would be a good shaving utensil. But then you would have to back that with great face wash and lotion. Q.  What first attracts you when looking for a new product (packaging, benefits, scent, ingredients)? A.  I would say the benefits. Example: cleaning deep down in one’s pores, refreshing without over drying and fighting skin aging. Q.  How often do you exfoliate? A.  I usually exfoliate two times per week. Q.  Are there any products you haven’t yet used that you think you will try in 2016? A.  When it comes to my skin care I’m pretty set on the things I like but I’ve always been the type of person to give new products a try. You never know what’s new and how it could really benefit you.

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