The New David Expandable Dopp Kit

Launched in 2000, MENAJI is not exactly a new  men’s grooming player on the skincare scene, but their ideas are still fresh. Billed as a niche brand that catered to the entertainment industry and jetsetters “in-the-know,” MENAJI is now creating its own line of travel kits to meet its exacting standards, to hold the men’s skincare products the brand sells. The limited edition line, known as the MENAJI FLEET’s has a 2nd newcomer called “David.” Clean and simple, “David” is an expandable Dopp kit that comes with 4 best-sellers (Masque, Power Hydrator, 911 Eye Gel, ClearShave) designed to prioritize what MENAJI men need everyday, and also expands to accommodate what they might take on a trip. “MENAJI always aims to simplify men’s lives. Our products are designed for problem solving and ease of use; our name means ease of use and our beginnings were about grooming-on-the-go – plumping, smoothing, covering – quickly and easily,” said Pamela Viglielmo, MENAJI President. “And now we have very cool bags that expand upon the idea of a mere a Dopp kit, which, by the way, was invented in the early 1900s. Men – we’re bringing your bags into the future. David is a combination shave bag and Dopp kit. I took a lot of time designing it. We wanted something that would hold men’s everyday essentials most of the time, and unzip to expand and hold more products when needed – going to the gym, away for the weekend/travel.” Viglielmo said original Dopp kits were invented for army men to hold all their toiletries – which were larger and more cumbersome.  Men today typically use about four or five products most of the time (a no-frills hydrator, a lip balm, a clear shave gel, and a dirt removing, pore-reducing masque), thus don’t need a large traditional Dopp kit. Viglielmo also said men today don’t forsake their favorite skincare products for hotel-issued bar soap, so they should have more room when traveling. The MENAJI FLEET is a limited edition, luxury-inspired collection of travel bags, designed as a better way for men to keep their skincare products organized. MENAJI FLEET travel kits are sleek and sturdy, designed with men’s active lifestyles in mind. Each bag is made with water- and stain-resistant ballistic nylon in classic black-on-black with MENAJI branded pull tags. “Until MENAJI FLEET, men had two choices : their pockets and/or their Dopp kits. MENAJI is giving men options women already have, but designed for men,” Viglielmo said. Created to facilitate men’s travel experiences, yet simple enough for everyday use, MENAJI FLEET David Expandable Dopp Kit is all about staying organized so men can relax and enjoy their trip.

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