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Beauty Collection Expands its Services with MËNAJI

Grand Opening of Beauty Collection's West Hollywood location

Home base for celebrities and billionaires, knows as the “‘Bu.” Even America’s most popular toy doll ever made, Barbie, had a “Malibu” version in both male and female. So why is it no surprise that Beauty Collection, aMalibu-based retail chain known for its commitment to providing all-around beauty services from blow-outs to nails, would launch […]

The New David Expandable Dopp Kit

Launched in 2000, MENAJI is not exactly a new  men’s grooming player on the skincare scene, but their ideas are still fresh. Billed as a niche brand that catered to the entertainment industry and jetsetters “in-the-know,” MENAJI is now creating its own line of travel kits to meet its exacting standards, to hold the men’s […]

MËNAJI’s First Annual Barber Night

MËNAJI’s First Annual Barber Night

Mënaji hosted an evening for barbers and their friends to eat, drink, relax and let the good times roll while learning about the latest products from an iconic men’s skincare brand. “This event is the first of its kind for barbers – those guys on the front line of the country’s most lucrative industry of […]