MËNAJI Pro Club for Barbers and Professionals


Recent consumer surveys by Nielson, Mintel and other top-class market research companies show that barbers helped shape the men’s grooming industry, drive growth, and are the front line grooming advice experts for men. But when you’re cutting an average of 24 heads a day, you have very little time to dedicate to product research and sampling.

This fall, MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare launched its MENAJI Pro Club for Barbers, an exclusive club with professional discounts and limited edition assortments, to accommodate the busy, demanding lifestyle of barbers and the clients they serve.

“Barbers are very well-positioned to reap the benefits of a growing men’s grooming market which they themselves helped build, but they don’t have the time to truly seek out all the best brands on the market or identify those brands that will bring a greater value to their business,” said Pamela Viglielmo, President of MENAJI. “We want to make it easy for barbers to find us and even easier for them to get better value when they offer MENAJI to their customers.”

Because barbers are uniquely specialized to bring men trends in all areas of men’s styling, said Viglielmo, it’s important to see them for the irreplaceable brand ambassadors they truly are. For this reason MENAJI brand has created assortments exclusive for barbers to drive their retail sales and also reflect well on them to their customers for the quality of products they offer.

MENAJI was developed by a professional make-up artist to provide superlative skincare for her male clients on set locations and photo shoots, at a time when there was no other brand just for men on the market. Barbers can feel good about offering skincare to their clients that was specifically developed for actors/models and musicians.

The MENAJI Pro Club for Barbers program offers substantial discounts for individual professionals without a minimum buy-in. MENAJI will also take the guesswork out of deciding which products to select amongst the vast assortment categories MENAJI offers. According to Viglielmo, they will also receive unique sets to get them started easily.

“We’re really excited to introduce our brand to them. This is the top of the food chain when it comes to knowing how to make men look gorgeous and young. There’s nothing like MENAJI on their shelves right now and we know once they understand it – they’ll rely on it just like the other pros on set do.”

Barbers who wish to join the MENAJI Pro Club for Barbers program or order at the special professional discounted rate can email barbers@menaji.com with their credentials to get their unique code.

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