Do Barbershops Only Offer Men’s Haircuts and Shaving?

Think again. Barbering has changed dramatically since 2000 when a few rogue stores upgraded by offering designer shaves and offered booze inside the stores. Now men can count on chains offering state-of-the-art hair styles, top shelf liquor, energy drinks, and spa-style amenities – all the products you can’t buy in drugstores or grocery stores. Men’s grooming has redefined the barbershop experience for today’s urban gentlemen. And it’s not about being Metrosexual – it’s about staying Machosexual. Today’s barbershops offer high-end men’s skincare products and supplies, with luxurious emollients, within a classic Boys’ Club barbershop experience. Here’s the difference. Unlike women, men tend to be very goal-oriented, typically wanting fast results, simplicity, minimal discomfort, and minimal downtime. These desires have made multifunctional barbershops and skincare products ideal. Trendy Barbers offer: 1. Fast results/service 2. Facials, manpering, grooming advice 3. Classic yet stylish design 4. Booze and cocktails 5. Healthy drink options 6. Luxury retail grooming products 7. Casual Ambiance/Wifi So, think again. Or better yet – visit one. Here is a list to start: Maxim’s Hotlist 2015