MËNAJI Launches New FLEET Travel Bags for Men’s Skincare

It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey – or so they say – especially if the journey is stress-free. So this August, traditionally the time when Americans enjoy vacationing and the most popular time of the year to be out and about, MENAJI wants to accommodate male travelers by launching a series of ultra-functional travel bags to keep men’s essentials organized and handy.

This month, MENAJI FLEET, the limited edition, luxury-inspired MENAJI collection of travel bags, make their debut as a better way for men to keep their grooming products handy, while on-the-go. MENAJI FLEET travel kits are sleek and sturdy, designed with men’s active lifestyles in mind. Each bag is made with water and stain-resistant ballistic nylon in classic black-on-black with MENAJI branded pull tags.

The first in a series of three, called the “Gregory” ditty bag, can hold multiple small products such as MENAJI ClearShave, 911 Eye Gel and Lip Agent, which are the bare essentials a guy should have on him at all times, says MENAJI President Pamela Viglielmo.

“Men have two options: their pockets, and their Dopp kits. But the truth is some things need to be kept closer at hand, not loose in a pocket, or exposed to other products. Products also need to be kept from bouncing around suitcases or staining clothes. We’ve designed three unique bags that will help men stay more organized and give them the options women already have,” Viglielmo said.

The “Gregory” ditty bag makes for a stylish yet practical travel accessory. The contents of the deceptively small bag’s spacious lined interior are easily accessible through a large zipper on top of the bag. When not using it for grooming, men can easily hold keys, wallet, mobile cords and chargers, earbuds and more.

Viglielmo said she created the “Gregory” ditty bag after years of witnessing her son and husband fishing inside huge duffel bags for lip balms and shaving products, then in frustration, turning bags upside down and shaking them.

The “Gregory” ditty bag was also created to keep up with men’s current grooming lifestyles and their growing demand for more and more specialized products, said Viglielmo.

The second bag is called the “David” and it is an expandable Dopp Kit which holds up to 5 MENAJI products in the clear from zippered pouch and has a top zipper that expands the bag to almost three times its original size. “David” has plenty of room for more product and essentials while traveling and will be out in September.

“MENAJI FLEET will eliminate that colossal waste of time searching for things so guys can get to the fun,” Viglielmo said.

Created to facilitate men’s travel experiences, and simple enough for everyday use, MENAJI FLEET is all about staying organized so men can relax and enjoy their trip.

What it is: The first in a trio of three unique, multi-functional bags made with water and stain-resistant ballistic nylon in black-on-black with branded MENAJI pull tags and zippers. The “Gregory” ditty bag is the smallest, named after the small bags traditionally used by sailors or fishermen to hold odds and ends.

What it does: Holds small grooming essentials, keys, prescriptions, earbuds, mobile phone chargers and cords, and more.

What else you need to know: The “Gregory” ditty bag dimensions are 9cm L x 5cm W x 9cm H, has a suggested retail price of $12.50 and is available exclusively on https://www.menaji.com.

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