Shave Time? Shave Money? Win Big with MËNAJI

Menaji Twitter Contest #HandsomeHack Rewards Grooming Shortcuts to Celebrate National Men’s Grooming Day August 21, 2015.

It’s been called a “bridge” brand and a “hybrid” and it’s been around since before men’s grooming was “cool.”

Now, MENAJI Men’s Skincare, the indie brand that has built it’s reputation on turning complicated professional-grade cosmetics into easy-to-use men’s grooming products wants to know how America hacks grooming. This year MENAJI celebrates National Men’s Grooming Day 2015 with a contest to find out what shortcuts on grooming American men take to look good, but shave time or money.

Pamela Viglielmo president of MENAJI Men’s Skincare said men’s grooming has changed drastically since MENAJI was founded in 2000 to provide men with a luxury skincare line that was a no-brainer for men to use. The object of the game was to help men look better and natural, thus giving them more confidence to go out and conquer the world. Since then, said Viglielmo, thousands of brands have emerged in the men’s grooming market, but that is actually making it more complicated again.

“Today’s male has thousands of brands to choose from, with about as many options within those brands to filter through when choosing what’s best for their budget, time and skin. We want to know what guys are doing to hack this matrix now and we want to share it and develop better MENAJI tools to help them achieve it,” Viglielmo said.

The #HandsomeHack Twitter contest rules include Following @MenajiSkincare and Tweeting the grooming shortcut (or link to it or photo of it) to @MenajiSkincare on or before August 21, 2015 for a chance to win a MENAJI Barber Shop Quartet kit in honor of National Men’s Grooming Day. The best hack good enough to cut grooming time and/or save grooming money, wins the set and a chance to be featured on the MENAJI website and social media spectrum.

This comes on the heels of a new collection of travel bags MENAJI just launched called the MENAJI FLEET. The set of three bags serves to help men contain and organize their essentials more efficiently, so they don’t have to go rooting around larger Dopp kits or suitcases to find a lip balm, a shaving gel, a prescription, URBAN CAMOFLAGE ™ (men’s concealer) or condoms. Nor would they have to deal with having personal items exposed upon traveling.

Viglielmo said MENAJI launched FLEET because men only have pockets and traditional Dopp kits, and as far as she knew, they have a ton more to carry than a few razors and a wallet.

“Ease of use and helping men feel good about the way they look is the cornerstone of our brand. MENAJI exists to support men’s busy lifestyles juxtaposed with their need to put their best face forward.” Viglielmo said.

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