MËNAJI Shines in Make-Up Mecca for Stars


It’s been called “cosmetics heaven,” “mecca for make-up,” and “where Hollywood shops,” but this doesn’t begin to describe the customer experience inside Naimie’s Beauty Center in LA. Now MENAJI is part of that experience acting as a “bridge” grooming product to help men learn how to look better.

Naimie’s Beauty Center has been a favorite of makeup artists and hair pros as well as celebrities for more than 27 years. Here, each section has sometimes up to 50 options for one item. Naimies carries big name brands and hard-to-find indie brands. Now, men wanting an everyday hybrid of pro-grade cosmetics and simple grooming can find it in MENAJI.

MENAJI COO Pamela Viglielmo said this is exactly the type of store that is becoming the future of make-up and grooming for everyone, including men.

“Trusted, professional beauty supply stores are where the world is turning to find the best formulations that are undetectable, discreet, cutting edge, artistic, artisan, etc. The fact that it’s frequented by many celebrities both male and female isn’t a coincidence. And we are so excited to be the trusted hybrid for Naimies for men’s cosmetics and skincare in that category!” said Viglielmo.

Indeed on a weekly basis people can find gossip blogs and magazines publishing photographs of celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale, and all the Kardashians and their entourage, toting the famous Naimies bags.

Then there’s the huge talent pool of makeup artists working with celebrities, on TV, film sets, and stages, that rely on Naimie’s for professional-grade products, who in turn need industry professionals to assist them. For this reason, customer service has been the hallmark of the customer experience at Naimies.

“If MENAJI has been misunderstood in the past (because it’s skincare + man make-up, pro-grade but made for consumer use), then Naimies will definitely demystify it. MENAJI isn’t complicated. Easy to use undetectable concealers and anti-shine now accessible to men,” Viglielmo said.

So whether a man is a veteran makeup artist, or just a guy wanting to use the same superior tools as everyday, this is the one-stop shop for stocking all Dopp kits. Guys may even find manly bags smaller than Dopp Kits to store Anti-Shine.

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