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Australian Men Don’t Say “Metrosexual”; It’s “Machosexual”

Thanks to shows like Mad Men and Peaky Blinders, men’s grooming is very much in demand in Australia. And as more men explored the well-pruned beard phenomenon, while others the shaved head, all Aussie men knew they loved product and men-only spaces to get handsome. Reports by Business Insider in the AU calculate that 48% […]

911? Chill Out. Use our 911 Eye Gel for Men

Experts know that the secret to making a person commit to a beauty brand is the way it makes them feel. Eye gels that contain specific formulations to reduce puffiness are always a hit because you see immediate results and they feel soothing. The better the formulation, like Mënaji’s 911 Eye Gel, the better the feeling. […]

Pamela Viglielmo – The Changemaker in Men’s Global Grooming

Pamela Viglielmo, COO of Mënaji Worldwide was interviewed by LIVID magazine. A changemaker in the world of beauty, Pamela shared her inspiration behind becoming a leading player in the men’s grooming industry, as well as her ideas on innovative men’s skincare and cosmetic solutions, and her admiration for iconic changemakers such as Coco Channel, the founder […]

Shave Time? Shave Money? Win Big with MËNAJI

Menaji Twitter Contest #HandsomeHack Rewards Grooming Shortcuts to Celebrate National Men’s Grooming Day August 21, 2015. It’s been called a “bridge” brand and a “hybrid” and it’s been around since before men’s grooming was “cool.” Now, MENAJI Men’s Skincare, the indie brand that has built it’s reputation on turning complicated professional-grade cosmetics into easy-to-use men’s […]

Women “Borrowing” MËNAJI’s 911 Eye Gel

MËNAJI 911 Eye Gel featured in New You Article

The current issue of New You magazine, featuring cover girl Paris Hilton, asks “Ladies, ever been tempted to steal a swipe of your man’s grooming products? You’re hardly alone.” Mënaji 911 Eye Gel is a featured item in Borrow This or Steal That. “It’s a growing trend. Men’s grooming products, often made with the same quality ingredients […]

MËNAJI Shines in Make-Up Mecca for Stars

It’s been called “cosmetics heaven,” “mecca for make-up,” and “where Hollywood shops,” but this doesn’t begin to describe the customer experience inside Naimie’s Beauty Center in LA. Now MENAJI is part of that experience acting as a “bridge” grooming product to help men learn how to look better. Naimie’s Beauty Center has been a favorite […]