MËNAJI Responds to Fortune Article About Botox

gI_69996_photo-4Today’s male need only look online to see things are changing as far as men’s hygiene. The “new natural” look for men (which includes concealers, anti-shine, lip balm, anti-aging creams, Botox, fillers and more) is not only in beauty blogs, but actually in mainstream news.

In a recent article published March 2, 2015 in Fortune, New York-based executive coach Roy Cohen was quoted in an article saying that because of the 2008 economic crash and subsequent career crisis, job losses and shrinking incomes, many men have had to pay more attention to image and age.

In NYC, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have begun to coin the term “Wall Street Wrinkle,” which refers to the look men ask for when they come to get Botox and fillers to help them look credible and seasoned, yet well-rested and youthful.

While women want to be wrinkle-free, men do not, said Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York City board certified plastic surgeon. These “left-behind” lines, Rowe said, are because men want to avoid looking overdone.

Similarly, men have begun investing in anti-aging skincare and cosmetics at an enormous rate, choosing to incorporate a few key products to achieve what is now called the “new natural.”

So what’s the “new natural”? Menaji Founder Michele Probst, a pioneer in men’s skincare and color within men’s grooming tell us it’s what has always been in her Men’s Tool Kit.

“Men need five basic products to help them look fresh, but still like themselves: a good hydrator, a good eye rescue, a good camouflage and sunless tanner, and a good lip balm. Namely, Our Power Hydrator which plumps up a man’s skin and boosts collagen production with hyaluronic acid; Menaji 911 Eye Gel which acts like an ice pack and removes the puffiness under eyes with chamomile aloe; our undetectable professional-grade Camo concealer which covers dark circles, age spots, bruises, scars, pimples and tiny pricks left by filler and Botox needles; our Sunless Tanner to give men a color boost; and Menaji Lip Agent with vitamins, jojoba oil and SPF 15 which protects and moisturizes.”

The editors at BOAT International magazine seem to agree. The March issue features Menaji CAMO Concealer: “On the big night this nifty little stick will help disguise the effects of blemishes, dark eyes and high living – and it was originally developed for actors.”

In the January/February 2015 issue of Playboy, Joel Stein writes: “In the not too distant future, men will start to wear makeup all the time… Menaji – which names its man makeup manly things such as CAMO Concealer, packages it in manly ChapStick-like containers and mailes it in manly cigar boxes – has been worn by regular dudes including Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw and Neil Young… So you can either wait to be the last puffy, wrinkly, spotted dude in America, or take advantage of this transitional moment, put on some moisturizer with tint and out-handsome the competition.”

Probst said that knowing the simple application of these products is key. Probst suggests applying Power Hydrator and 911 Eye Gel first, then CAMO and Sunless Tanner, and the Lip Agent last. After years as a celebrity make-up artist, Probst never takes for granted that men are still learning what women have been doing for years and probably learned to do as children. And because guys don’t like to spend a lot of time on their hygiene, she made Menaji easy to use. The Menaji CAMO is the size and shape of a lip balm and glides on very lightly so guys don’t “feel” it on their faces.

“Girls have watched their moms take care of their faces. Now we are raising a generation of boys who will understand how men replenish the moisture in their skin, protect it from aging and skin cancer, improve its appearance with cosmetics and feel more confident without feeling self-conscious,” Probst said. “It’s about time!”

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