MËNAJI Gives Faces a Winter Break with HDPV Anti-Shine Sunless Tan

Menaji Sunless Tan and Kabuki brush is the healthy way to tan.

For men who dream of golden beaches and golden skin, at least one of those dreams can instantly come true.

Menaji’s Sunless Tan allows men to bronze up and look like they just returned from a tropical vacation. Designed for daily wear, Sunless Tan creates a natural-looking, healthy glow to give winter skin a lift of color.

However the glow from Menaji is a step above many bronzers on the market, said Menaji Marketing Executive Yvonne Lederer. Menaji’s Sunless Tan is vitamin-based and lightweight, and also created by a professional to help men be camera-ready.

Menaji President and Founder, Michele Probst said Sunless Tan is an offshoot of her already popular line of HDPV Anti-Shine products for which Menaji is known.

“When I developed Sunless Tan I didn’t want to compete with liquid tanners or anything that would produce a drastic color change. I wanted a smooth, undetectable finish made for the unforgiving clarity of high definition television that can amplify the bone structure or be dusted all over for a warm glow,” Probst said.

And, said Probst, because tanning powders are healthier than baking out in the sun, tanning beds, and now even spray tans where DHA can be inhaled during spray applications, the results are a win-win.

Probst’s tips for men when applying Sunless Tan are to lightly dust the product across the forehead, nose and cheek area with a Kabuki brush. Men should apply where the sun would naturally hit for a healthy, sun-touched finish, applying it along the cheekbone and jawline to ensure a blended look.

“Our motto is: ‘When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you have confidence.’ A boost in glow on your skin mid-winter can make any man feel refreshed,” Probst said.

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