Is He the “Best Guy Ever?” MËNAJI Has a Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

Menaji’s Best.Guy.Ever Valentine’s Day gift set retails for $69, and includes four best-sellers for ultimate Manpering this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and men are just as excited about receiving gifts now as women.

The Huffington Post tells everyone not to over think it. According to The Huffington Post,one of a man’s guilty pleasures is manpering. Menaji Skincare makes it easy with the Best.Guy.Ever gift set.

“Men are more conscious of their looks than you think, about feeling something luxurious against their skin, about aging,” said Michele Probst, President and Founder of Menaji Skincare. “They’re also more impatient than women and want skincare that works quickly. Like our 911 Eye Gel. It’s made for the morning when you didn’t sleep the night before. The name says it all.”

So those who are stuck on a gift idea can simply log onto Menaji and order the set by February 10, 2015. This unique gift set includes Menaji’s multifunctional, best-selling products:

  • Power Hydrator Aftershave – Infuse your man’s razor-raw face with moisture to soften his skin and maintain a youthful look.
  • 911 Eye Gel – Instantly coolpuffy, tired eyes with healthy chamomile, aloe and wheat protein.
  • Lip Agent – A vitamin E-enriched lip balm with SPF 15 to soothe and nourish lips whatever the weather.
  • 3-in-1 Clear Shave Gel – Waterless shave gel that acts as prep and toner – perfect travel size!

This ready-to-go Valentine’s gift has colorfully coordinated Menaji logo tissue paper and logos that are already put together inside a distinctive red shipping tube.

“Is that love you smell on his neck? Darn right,” Probst said. “This nourishing gift is all he needs for perfect Valentine’s skin.”

Orders are available only online at for $69.

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